Learn how Flagship can help you build and maintain a modern security program – one that keeps today’s threat landscape in mind while allowing you to focus on your most strategic security priorities.

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How Flagship can help.

Flagship offers an assessment-based approach to delivering Integrated Security Products & Solutions.  With our in-house technical expertise and solutions assessment methodology, Flagship will proactively evaluate your security infrastructure to identify areas to reduce risk, improve compliance, identify threats, and help grow and protect your business.

Maintain Compliance

Flagship will work with you and your team to help you maintain compliance, enhance security hygiene, and govern users and identities.

Adopt New Technologies & IoT

The security risks related to IoT and new technologies are often less well-known and their protection is all too often neglected. Flagship can help ensure you are taking a proactive measures to stay protected.

Ensure Client Privacy

Flagship’s team of security experts will work with you to protect and secure sensitive information using data protection solutions and best practies.

Ensure Data Security

Flagship will help develop a risk-based approach to protecting and securing the data across your entire enterprise, ensuring scalability across environments of all sizes, including across public cloud, on-premises and hybrid cloud deployments.

Address the Rise in Threats & Attacks

Detect and stop advanced threats, orchestrate incident reports, and master threat hunting.

Reduce Rising Operational Costs

Flagship will work with your team to ensure that your security program is sound while helping you to reduce rising operational costs wherever possible.


Wondering how to choose a modern MSSP?  Evaluate your next vendor with these eight important criteria.

You spoke, we listened.

Based on our conversations with clients, partners, and fellow security experts, business leaders are struggling to keep up with the growing threat landscape and their ability to respond effectively.  Here is what we hear are your most pressing security concerns.

  • Lack of budget / resources to deal with the growing threat landscape 86% 86%
  • Inability to maintain data privacy and regulatory compliance 95% 95%
  • Need help responding to the global security skills shortage 90% 90%
  • Ability to respond to the increasing cyber attack vectors, including IoT 80% 80%
  • The journey to cloud and digital transformation 88% 88%
  • Legacy security doesn’t work for Cloud 88% 88%
  • Gaining and maintaining executive / board support for security initiatives 94% 94%
  • We are not staffed to survive a breach 88% 88%
  • Empty seats and churn in the SOC 85% 85%
  • Too many events and not enough time 89% 89%
  • Concerns over cloud security 92% 92%
  • New privacy regulation deadlines 92% 92%


IBM Security Threat Management > View All

QRadar Security Intelligence Platform

Appliance and Cloud-based SIEM, vulnerability, log management, risk management and incident forensics

QRadar User Behavior Analysis (UBA) is an application that monitors and detects suspicious activities that are indicators of insider attacks, including privilege escalation and exfiltration of sensitive data outside of the organization

  • Unified collection, aggregation and real-time analysis architecture for application logs, security events, vulnerability data, identity and access management data, configuration files and network flow telemetry, plus many more
  • A common platform for security searching, filtering, threat detection and reporting functions
  • Advanced threat and security incident detection that reduces the number of false positives and detects threats that other solutions miss
  • Compliance-centric workflow that enables the delivery of IT best practices in support of compliance initiatives
  • Distributed appliance architecture scales to provide Security Intelligence to any enterprise network from medium-sized to the largest organizations in the world

Resilient Incident Response Platform

Empowering organizations to thrive in the face of cyberattacks or business crisis

Single hub for incident response (IR), transforming an organization’s security posture

  • Security module, with industry-standard workflows (NIST, SANS), threat intelligence feeds, organizational standard operating procedures and community best practices
  • Action module automates processes, enriches incident details, gathers forensics and enacts mitigation with the Action module
  • Privacy module, with global breach regulations, contractual obligations, 3rd party requirements, organizational standard operating procedures and privacy best practices
  • Dynamic playbooks build workflows and easily build complex response processes
  • Intelligent Orchestration enables security teams to achieve real-time visibility across their SOC tools, quick time to value, and guided response for outpacing cyberattacks


Cloud Pak for Security

Connected security built for a hybrid, multicloud world

Run anywhere. Connect openly and securely.​ Gain security insights without moving your data.​ Respond faster to security incidents with automation.

    • Uncover hidden threats faster by connecting and
      searching all your data sources for a more complete
      view of your security environment
    • Reduce the cost of security data by connecting to your
      existing security tools through the use of open standards,
      without moving the data
    • Reduce response time by orchestrating and automating
      manual and repetitive tasks and driving investigations via
      3rd party integrations
    • Run anywhere – on premise, public or private cloud
      with containerized software pre-integrated with the
      Red Hat OpenShift enterprise application platform
    • Increase security visibility through a solution that
      connects to an open ecosystem of IBM and third party
      data connectors
    • Expand you team’s capabilities with additional skills
      from on-demand consulting to custom development
      from IBM Security Expert Labs

    IBM Digital Trust > View All


    Detect, enforce, investigate and remediate fraud fast and efficiently.

    Real-time risk assessment with Trusteer digital trust platform

    • Continuous digital identity assurance helps to identify unauthorized access and activities transparently by delivering multi-layered assessments across network, device, environment and behavioral patterns.
    • Organizations are then empowered to provide a seamless, more secure customer experience throughout the digital customer journey
    • Scalable and agile cloud platform, powered by global, real-time IBM X-Force threat intelligence, 3rd party risk integrations, and a global fraudster consortium, organizations are enabled to establish cross-organizational, actionable insights via real-time assessments
    • Intelligence service layered with advanced AI and machine learning capabilities, including cognitive technology and analytics, from global, real-time threat data delivered through the cloud, allows Trusteer researchers to continually discover emerging trends and patterns within the evolving global threat landscape



    Enterprise mobility management platform that helps safeguard mobile devices

    MaaS360 with Watson uses AI to improve recommend policies, best practices, and prioritization of vulnerabilities and risks


    • Delivers unified endpoint management Combines the advantages of conventional mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobile management (EMM) solutions
    • Easily manages mobile devices
      See all devices in one place and remotely manage right OTA (over the air)
    • Quickly deploys private and public apps Promote, distribute and update approved apps using an interactive catalog
    • Keeps apps and data secure Helps users get the information without risk of data leakage
    • Enables on-the-go collaboration with content Mobilize content and files to stay productive anytime, anywhere
    • Connects easily to business systems Integrates with
      enterprise systems so customers can use existing infrastructure and data repositories

    Endpoint Management


    A modular, collaborative endpoint management and security platform.

    Keep endpoints in any location continuously patched, secure and compliant with security and regulatory policies

    • Continuous security configuration policy compliance
    • Easily and quickly assess endpoint security posture
    • Interrogate endpoints with unprecedented speed and accuracy
    • Detect malicious behavior and automatically patch and remediate unpatched/ vulnerable / non-compliant systems in minutes
    • Deploy, update, and health check 3rd-party antivirus solutions
    • Policy-based quarantine of vulnerable / non-compliant systems
    • Monitor and enforce policies for proactive attack surface reduction and preparation for future attacks

    Additional Security Expertise

    Guardium Data Protection

    Real time data activity monitoring with blocking / masking capabilities

    • 100% visibility into all database transactions – across all platforms and protocols – including those of DBAs, developers and outsourced personnel
    • Monitoring and policy enforcement for sensitive data access, privileged user actions, change control, application user activities and security exceptions
    • Centralized aggregation and normalization of audit data from across your database infrastructure for enterprise-wide compliance auditing and reporting, correlation, and forensics
    • A secure, tamper-proof audit trail that supports the separation of duties (SOD) required by auditors

    Why IBM for Security?

    Wanting only the best for our customers, Flagship puts it’s trust in IBM Security Solutions.  IBM, a leader in Security Solutions, was once again named in the “Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services, Worldwide” report.  

    Through its longtime partnership with IBM, Flagship is able to offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of managed security services and the deepest integrated security ecosystem.

    Firewall & Threat Management

    Support an improved security posture with customized, more robust managed firewall protection for less

    You want to innovate with cloud, analytics, mobility and social business, but you can’t tell people to leave their own devices behind because of heightened security concerns. Firewall management from IBM® features a flat-pricing model and vendor-neutral approach that can reduce costs and risk while helping you better manage regulatory compliance and meet the demands of a highly instrumented world.
    Security Event Log Management

    Get expertise on demand and next-generation threat insight capabilities

    Log management is a “must do” in security. Yet, with the increasing sophistication of cybersecurity, you can no longer rely on log management for simple aggregation, display and storage. This is particularly true in a hybrid environment where your firm may have multiple IT platforms. How can you perform security log management in a way that helps provide visibility and insight into your network and IT infrastructure?

    Intelligent log management on cloud from IBM®, part of the IBM Threat Insight Platform, helps meet these challenges. It’s a cloud-based log management service designed to simplify security and compliance management needs for hybrid IT environments.

    Intrusion Detection & Prevention System Management

    Better secure your network from Internet attacks with a flexible pricing model

    Intrusion detection and prevention system management from IBM® is designed to provide robust, real-time security monitoring, management and analysis of networks and servers. A simplified, flat-pricing model helps reduce risk and management complexity at a reduced cost over traditional solutions. Our multistep, vendor-neutral approach helps you improve your security posture.
    Security-Rich Web Gateway Management

    Help protect critical web-based applications with more flexible, cost-effective services

    Advanced threats and data breaches make protecting web transactions crucial. How do you hold the line between available and vulnerable — without hurting your bottom line? Security-rich web gateway management from IBM® is designed to provide robust control and protection for your web content by configuring and maintaining your gateway appliances or servers with web gateway proxies.
    Unified Threat Management

    Help protect your assets, improve your security posture and better manage regulatory and audit requirements

    IT security threats continue to grow, yet you face shrinking budgets, competing priorities and more complex environments. You’ve invested in solutions to help safeguard your systems and data, but how do you effectively manage them? Unified threat management from IBM® offers around-the-clock monitoring and support for multivendor products as well as change management and policy design services.
    Secure SD-WAN Services

    Take the first step on the Zero Trust journey

    Securing today’s enterprise is becoming more difficult, as there are more endpoints and wide area networks (WAN) to protect than ever before. Users are demanding access to applications and data outside the traditional security perimeter, and the cybercrime environment is increasingly hostile.

    Apply the concepts of the Zero Trust security model with Secure software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) service from IBM®. With technologies that work with your current network infrastructure, you can improve network security, reduce cost and simplify operations.

    Endpoint Security Services

    Secure enterprise endpoints in today’s complex environment

    With the advent of technologies like mobile, IoT and cloud, organizations are connecting new and different types of endpoints to their enterprise environment. Meanwhile, the sophistication of cyber attacks continues to rise. As a result, it is quite difficult to ensure the security of all endpoints across your enterprise. This is often compounded by the fact that you may not have the necessary skills and expertise to manage endpoint security in-house. 

    IBM® offers industry-leading tools, technology, and over 30 years of endpoint security experience to help secure your environment around the clock. Our service delivery team currently manages multiple platforms, securing several million endpoints across hundreds of clients.

    Amazon GuardDuty Services

    Rely on Flagship & IBM to detect and respond to security events

    Get threat detection and response for Amazon Web Services (AWS) events through several IBM® Security services offerings, including:

    Intelligent Security Monitoring service (ISM), to enhance GuardDuty’s existing monitoring capability beyond AWS borders to fully encompass your environment

    IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence (IRIS), to improve security integration into existing workflow IBM QRadar® Managed SIEM solutions, for mature SIEM capabilities

    Security Intelligence Operations and Consulting Services (SIOC), which can help you assess and develop in-house strategic and response capabilities.

    Managed Identity Services

    Automate identity and access management processes to boost user collaboration

    Your organization relies on technology to provide rapid access to data and foster collaboration among employees, business partners, suppliers and customers. But greater complexity, increasing regulatory requirements and privacy concerns make managing access and authorization levels a significant business challenge.

    IBM offers managed identity services to help you handle user access more efficiently and protect your business data from unauthorized use. Managed identity services by IBM offer IAM as an outcome-based managed service to cost-effectively meet your needs.

    Register for a Flagship Security Risk Assessment

    The Security Assessment will analyze areas across the following Security Domains while providing recommendations and next steps to ensure your business is protected from ongoing threats.

    • Application and Web Security
    • Data Security
    • Fraud Protection
    • Infrastructure- Perimeter, UTM, Endpoint, & Mobile Security
    • People- Identity and Access
    • Security Intelligence

    From Our Clients

    We don’t just have clients.  We have long-standing relationships that we continously make investments in.

    The support from Flagship is invaluable, we need highly specialized support. For an organization of our size, it’s great that we can rely on Flagship rather than needing to retain our own specialists in-house.

    Debra Naderhoff

    Senior Director of IT Infrastructure, AMBSE

    This partnership with The Weather Company and Flagship Solutions Group will provide NASCAR access to critical information that can improve race operations and help minimize delays, while improving the race day experience for millions of our loyal fans.”

    Elton Sawyer

    Vice President, NASCAR