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Serving the needs of our clients with integrated and remote-enabled IT solutions, managed services, and cloud solutions worldwide.

Scouts Honor

A little not-so-well-known fact about Flagship Solutions Group is that our roots can be traced back to a Boy Scout Troop meeting.  The original founders discussed the idea of forming a business partnership which would eventually become known as Flagship Solutions Group.  More than a decade later, Flagship is a well-known and respected provider of the industry’s leading technology products, services, and solutions.  And while the face of the company has changed over the years, what has not changed are the values that were shared when the company was founded. Flagship’s core values are ingrained into the every-day culture of the business, and continue to be our guiding light in an ever-changing business landscape.

Today, Flagship provides IBM solutions, managed services and cloud solutions worldwide. These include data center strategic planning and hybrid cloud implementations which are based on a wide range of assessments that look at virtualization, server consolidation, security, and infrastructure-focused integration. Flagship’s managed services include cloud-based server monitoring and management, 24×7 helpdesk support, and data center infrastructure management.

As an IBM Gold business partner, Flagship has received many exciting acknowledgements for its continued distinction in delivering high-quality technology products and services.

Our Business approach

Flagship’s Solution Assessment & Delivery Methodology.

Flagship follows a comprehensive approach to evaluate your organization’s IT infrastructure including hardware, software, storage, networking, security, and cloud and how the health of those infrastructures relate to and support your current business objectives, efficiency and expenditures.


Our team of experts will begin by working with you to perform a detailed assessment to determine gaps in your existing strategy and enable you to better plan for the future.



Following the assessment, Flagship will provide a detailed roadmap containing findings and recommendations for improvements. 


Flagship will provide recommendations and strategic technical resources to help make your vision a reality. 


Flagship provides ongoing services and support, including: IT Monitoring, Service Desk, Hosted Servers, Server Management, and Mirrored Remote Site to help simplify the ongoing management of the implemented solution.

Our Reputation for Excellence

The staff at Flagship has dedicated themselves to building a reputation for excellence.  We want our clients to consider us the best – so we do whatever it takes to deliver on those expectations.


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