Weather Data + Analytics = Weatherlytics

See how combining analytics and hyperlocal weather data can change the way your business views and responds to weather.

With Weatherlytics, businesses can proactively monitor weather and aggregate data across locations in one place – allowing for better, more informed weather-related decisions.

Weatherlytics delivers personalized, actionable insights to businesses across the globe by combining the world’s most accurate weather data with industry-leading AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics technologies.

See how Weatherlytics can help you make better, more informed business decisions.

Weatherlytics uses hyperlocal weather data to help you gain visibility into how weather-related activities may affect your operations and your customers – like alerting your customers to find the nearest enclosed area before a thunderstorm. This valuable touchpoint can give your customers the forewarning they need, helping you to improve safety and increase satisfaction.

See how Nascar is using Weatherlytics dashboards to improve race-day operations.

Discover the Benefits of Weatherlytics Custom Dashboards

Weatherlytics provides businesses with dependable and real-time weather-related insights in a format that is easy to understand.


Anticipate Weather-Related Business Disruptions


Keep Customers and Employees Safe

Improve Response Time to Weather-Related Events

Make More Informed, Data-Driven Business Decisions

Use Historical Data to Improve Future Response Plans

Improve Communication with Internal Teams

Predict More Accurate Business Outcomes

Drive Revenue with Weather-Related Opportunities


Reduce Operational Costs

Visualize and Optimize Your Response with Weatherlytics

Weatherlytics is a deliverable under Flagship’s Infralytics offering.  Weatherlytics was developed in response to the needs of companies across industries whose business is largely impacted by weather patterns. The benefits and use cases for Weatherlytics is limited only by the industry for which it serves. 

Customers today are using Weatherlytics dashboards to drive key business and operational decisions – minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour.

Accurate Forecasting 

Accurate and real-time forecasting provides internal teams the lead time needed to make informed business decisions, helping to minimize the impact of weather-related events, improve safety, reduce costs, and even drive revenue.

Current Weather Visualization

Visualize weather conditions across each of your individual locations – all from a single dashboard.

Customizable Interface

Weatherlytics provides users and internal teams access to a customizable interface that allows your teams to view the data that means most to them. 

Enhanced Communication Resources

Your Weatherlytics dashboard provides an enhanced communication tool, giving users the same accurate insights across locations and business units.

Intuitive Dashboards

Weatherlytics dashboards provide a clearer sense of exactly when and where impactful weather will surface, providing you with guidance on which action to take next.

 Key Monitoring & Alerts

Rather than pouring over logs of data, Weatherlytics helps you analyze and monitor data that is key to your business – essential to automating real-time alerts around weather-related events. Ensure you have the ability to take swift action when monitored locations are forecast to experience weather of a particular type and severity.

Real-time Data Streaming Allows for Continuous Event Monitoring

Monitor current and forecasted weather conditions across locations so you can mitigate weather-related disruptions and bring efficiency into your business.

Protect Your Customers and Employees

For many industries, customers expect that you are doing what you can to keep them safe.  Weatherlytics provides the type of pro-active intelligence needed to do just that.

“There is an enormous amount of logistics and planning needed to support a NASCAR race, but the one thing we do not have control over is weather. This partnership with The Weather Company and Flagship Solutions Group will provide NASCAR access to critical information that can improve race operations and help minimize delays, while improving the race day experience for millions of our loyal fans.”

– Elton Sawyer, NASCAR vice president

Leverage Current and Historical Weather Data Points to Minimize Future Impact on Business Operations and Revenue.

How does weather impact your business?

Historically, business owners have adopted a ‘hope for the best’ approach when it comes to weather.  After all, no one can control weather patterns, right?

Today, businesses are taking a more proactive approach to assure they are not at the mercy of changing weather patterns.  By using current forecasting and historical weather data points, businesses are able to minimize business disruption, protect their customers, and even identify new revenue opportunities. When it comes to potential use cases, the sky is the limit.

Chart: Weather Impact on Revenue by Industry

Source: IBM Institute for Business Value 2018 Global Weather Study Survey (n=1,000).

Our Business approach

Flagship’s Approach to Get You Started.

Flagship clients rely on Weatherlytics dashboards to monitor, manage, and optimize their response to weather.  As with most engagements, Flagship follows an assessment-based approach to evaluate a clients needs around weather data analytics.



Flagship follows a comprehensive approach to first evaluate your organization’s needs, including how weather patterns can affect the health of your business operations, customers, employees, and more.  We will help you identify how advanced insights can help you to improve your business efficiency and protect revenues. 



Flagship will provide a detailed roadmap containing our findings and recommendations.   Part of the recommendations process will include suggestions for Weatherlytics dashboards that will assist you in obtaining the information you need to support your key business initiatives.


Based on the recommendations and ongoing needs of your business, Flagship will set out to build custom dashboard solutions that reflects key data insights that were previously too difficult or onerous to obtain.  


Flagship offers clients ongoing support at various levels including IT Monitoring, Service Desk, Hosted Servers, Server Management and Mirrored Remote Site to help supplement your ongoing IT support needs. 

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