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Helping businesses in healthcare navigate global disruptions and create a more efficient, sustainable and secure healthcare practice.

Supporting Your Business Needs

Technology Solutions to Help Healthcare Providers Navigate the New Normal 

Globally, providers are turning to digital innovations to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Make real-time, data-driven decisions and optimize healthcare asset availability and performance with predictive analytics and proactive maintenance for more productive operations.

Flagship integrates the clinical and facility infrastructures to deliver new opportunities for energy savings as well as improving hospital productivity and patient satisfaction. Learn more about Flagship’s integrated security offer that combines innovative software and hardware with the latest IP technology to help meet the security challenges of today’s healthcare facilities.


Digital Transformation

Fuel healthcare transformation by extracting evidence and insights that can help inform clinical, operational and business decisions.

Patient Experience

By applying advanced analytics and predictive modeling to combined data from traditional, transactional, and external sources, you can redefine your value chain strategy and transform the experience for your consumers.

Healthcare Cybersecurity

Flagship can help you establish a security immune system to safeguard your business – helping you to avoid costly fines for compliance violations and loss of patient confidence after a breach. Flagship can also help securely move you to the cloud with tools to encrypt and protect your sensitive images and electronic medical records (EMRs).

Successful Implementations

Client Retention Rate



remote-delivered data center solutions

Learn how Flagship can help you meet your business objectives, faster.

  • Next-Gen Help Desk – Our experts provide start-to-finish support to streamline service desk outcomes.
  • Infrastructure Oversight –  With Flagship’s IT monitoring and support services, Flagship will identify potential issues before they arise – thereby reducing potential IT downtime.
  • Performance optimization – Increase asset life, improve network usage and enhance IT performance with our dedicated, 24/7 monitoring and management solution.
  • Security – With Flagship’s security and infrastructure monitoring dashboards, your business can gain visibility of issues and threats as they occur and with sufficient information and context to troubleshoot, investigate and act

Strategic Alliances

We have strong partnerships with today's leading tech companies.

Our clients cite our ability to navigate within IBM and other technology manufacturers to deliver cross-platform solutions as an added benefit to working with us.  We will work quickly on your behalf to mobilize resources, and make sure you are getting the best support possible across each and every engagement.


We make deep investments in our people and our solutions.


We continue to invest heavily in our in-house technical expertise so you don't have to.  We understand that staying up-to-date on the latest technology trends is critical to helping you make the most out of your technology investments.  Businesses who don’t have the resources to hire their own IT staff, or who want to fill in the gaps across their existing IT teams, see the most value from our investments.

Industry knowledge

We approach your business as we would our own.

Flagship supports the IT needs of some of the world’s largest brands, cross-industry.  We understand that our clients technology needs are often driven by the services they offer and the customers they serve.  It is for this reason that we devote so much time to learning about your industry, your unique needs and concerns, and how we can help you reach your goals, faster.


We invest in relationships, not transactions.

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients.  This helps us understand where our clients have been, and where they want to go.  It also gives us a chance to show our clients what we are made of, and what makes us tick.  Our team of experts are not only knowledgeable, they’re passionate about helping our customers succeed.