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Tap Into the Power of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Today’s data-driven companies are leveraging the massive quantities of digital data at their disposal to improve decision-making, identify new business opportunities, and improve relationships with customers through better products and services.

Often companies looking to obtain such AI-driven insights in their business find that the hardest part isn’t acquiring the data – but understanding how to put it to work. The data experts at Flagship understand AI, data, and the cloud, and how to build integrated intelligence into applications using the most advanced cloud technologies. Wherever you are in your AI journey, Flagship can help you modernize the way you do business and tap into the unlimited possibilities that AI presents.

Flagship Solutions for Data and AI


  • IBM Cloud Pak for Data
  • IBM Watson and Business Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Data Ops
  • Hybrid Data Management

Discover the Benefits of Data and Artificial Intelligence

You don’t have to be an expert in artificial intelligence and big data to make the most of the technologies that employ them.  Explore a partnership with Flagship and learn how we can help you establish and expand your capabilities around data and Artificial Intelligence.

Increase Revenue


Recognize & Respond to Emerging Trends

Improve Products & Services


Improve Operational Efficiency

Optimize Marketing Programs

Better Decision Making Capabilities

Improve Customer Relationships


Enhanced Security

New Business Opportunities

Solutions for Data and Artificial Intelligence

Learn more about Flagship’s solution expertise for Data and Artificial Intelligence. 

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data is a fully-integrated data and AI platform that modernizes how businesses collect, organize and analyze data and infuse AI throughout their organizations. Built on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data integrates market-leading IBM Watson AI technology with IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform, data ops, and governance and business analytics technologies. Together, these capabilities provide the information architecture for AI that meets your ever-changing enterprise needs.


IBM Watson and Business Analytics 

Watson is the open, multicloud platform that lets you automate the AI lifecycle. With Watson, you can bring AI tools and apps to your data wherever it resides – whether it’s on IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure, Google, or your own private cloud platform. Build powerful models from scratch, or speed time-to-value with pre-built enterprise apps. 


Cognos Analytics
Cognos Analytics is an AI-fueled business intelligence platform that supports the entire analytics cycle, from discovery to operationalization. Visualize, analyze and share actionable insights about your data with anyone in your organization.

Planning Analytics
IBM Planning Analytics, powered by IBM TM1®, is an integrated planning solution designed to promote collaboration across the organization and help keep pace with the speed of modern business. With a powerful calculation engine, this enterprise performance management solution helps you move beyond the limits of spreadsheets, automating the planning process to drive faster, more accurate results.

Watson Applications
Watson helps you unlock the value of your data in entirely new, profound ways. By freeing your employees from repetitive tasks, you can empower your teams to focus on more creative, higher-value work. 

Data Science

Save time and energy, optimize business processes, and mitigate the risk of dangerous decisions by applying smarter analytics and data science technologies. IBM Data Science solutions enable you to analyze your data in smarter ways and empower your teams to gain new insights and make better decisions. Empower your organization with data – increase revenue and business value, mitigate risk and drive innovation through the combined power of data science.


Watson Studio (Formerly Data Science Experience)
Explore data, develop, deploy and manage models across teams: Use open source tools and deploy models to create data-driven applications.

Predictive Analytics
Empower users to build models without programming and quickly deliver predictive insights to applications across the organization.

Prescriptive Analytics
Enable decision-makers across industries for optimal business decisions using powerful CPLEX solvers.


Data Ops

Create a trusted analytics foundation; organize all your data into a trusted, business-ready foundation with built-in governance, protection and compliance controls.


Data Replication
Deliver real-time data to derive better insights. Empower your event-driven business by enriching big data systems and mobile applications using real-time information, even capturing data that is constantly changing.

Data Integration
Transform structured and unstructured data and deliver it to any system on a scalable big data platform. Data integration combines technical and business processes data from disparate sources into trusted, meaningful and valuable information.

Master Data Management
Empower business and IT users to collaborate and innovate with trusted master data across the enterprise.

Data Governance
Understand your data, whether structured or unstructured, and govern it to mitigate compliance risks and empower your information stakeholders.

Data Quality
Determine the reliability of data for making decisions. Data quality tools cleanse and manage your data, and make the data reliable across your organization. 

Hybrid Data Management

IBM Hybrid Data Management is a complete foundation family of AI-empowered solutions that can translate queries across vendors, languages, locations and structures, so enterprise architect leaders can build an optimized foundation for collecting, managing and analyzing data.


IBM Data Virtualization
Better manage and analyze your data by accelerating queries across multiple data sources without moving your data.

IBM Fast Data
Gain deeper insights and enable rapid responses by leveraging real-time data ingestion and analytics at-scale. Digital businesses are deploying event-driven applications to help them quickly identify and respond to opportunities and threats.

IBM Data Warehouse
IBM provides multiple data warehouse offerings, including on premises, on cloud and as an integrated appliance. All three platforms offer a common SQL engine to streamline queries and flexible licensing for your analytical workloads.

IBM Hybrid Data Management
IBM’s Database management solutions are built for performance, flexibility and scalability, IBM database management platforms offer multiple deployment options for high availability transactional and operational analytics.

IBM Data Lake
Put all your data to work. Use a data lake to gather, store and analyze your structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, and facilitate the extraction of actionable insights

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Eliminate Data Silos: Query Many Systems As One

Data virtualization in IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Compliance

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Analytics -"Yield of Dreams" - If You Build It, Insights Will Come

Data-based analytics can reveal client preferences, reduce operational costs and increase marketing effectiveness.

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