Managed Services for IBM Power Systems

Reduce ongoing support costs with enhanced uptime and efficiencies with Flagship’s IBM management services. Helping security teams and IT departments with IBM power systems, data protection, and business applications nationwide.

Discover the difference working with Flagship, a long-time IBM Gold Business partner. Leverage Flagship to get the most out of your Power Systems environment.

Flagship specializes in supporting IBM Power Systems technologies (including IBM i, AIX, and Linux) by utilizing enterprise-class tools and products to assist you with a full range of managed services – from design and implementation to ongoing support, monitoring, threat detection, and management of your IBM Power Systems environment.

Leveraging Flagship, customers can realize the highest levels of operational reliability of their IBM Power Infrastructure while running mission-critical applications and offloading the operational overhead associated with day-to-day maintenance.


  • Rest comfortably knowing that experts are regularly monitoring, optimizing, updating, and testing your critical availability and security posture.
  • Minimize the ongoing risk of downtime, security breach risks, or compliance violations.
  • Fill in the gaps in your IT coverage model while helping to ensure that your in-house staff remains focused on key initiatives.
  • Control your IT budget by investing in a fixed-cost, fully managed solution with predictable monthly invoices.

Measure the Benefits

Learn more about the benefits of Flagship’s Managed Services for IBM Power Systems Environments.

Cost Savings & Control

High Availability

Data Security Enhancements

Vulnerability Management

Power Systems Technical Expertise

Increased Efficiencies

Internal Resource Reallocation

Dashboards & Analytics

Competitive Advantage

24x7 US-Based Support

Managed Services for IBM Power Systems

As a Flagship managed services customer, you set your own engagement levels and unique thresholds and policies for your systems – ensuring you maintain total visibility and control over your environment. With our Managed Services for IBM Power, Flagship offers a suite of services for you to choose from – allowing you to build a service-level package that is just right for your unique business needs.

Alerts & Notifications

Flagship offers flexible alert and notification options so you are always in the know when it comes to the status of your infrastructure.

Dedicated Project Management

Dedicated project managers are available to handle your account. You determine the level of their involvement and support.

Data Collection

To augment our automated data collection services, Flagship SG integrates robust identity and access management protocols, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive performance data.

Hosted Servers

Our hosted server solutions not only offer a choice between physical or virtual servers (CAPEX vs. OPEX model) but also incorporate stringent endpoint management to ensure security across all network touchpoints.

IBM AIX & i Remote Administration

Flagship’s remote administration services go beyond standard support by incorporating network security measures and incident response protocols, ensuring your IBM AIX and i environment is safeguarded against security threats. Services include 24×7 support, vendor management, change management, PTF management, backups, restores, batch jobs, and much more to minimize the disruption of business outcomes.

IT Infrastructure as a Service for Power Systems

With IaaS for Power Systems, Flagship offers virtualized computing resources for the IBM Power platform. With this service, Flagship will provision the required capacities and specifications and monitor, manage, and maintain the physical infrastructure required to deliver your services.

Infralytics Dashboards & Reporting

Custom Infralytics (Infrastructure + Analytics) dashboards provide up-to-the-minute reporting on the status and health of your environment, including resource utilization rates. Customize this dashboard for improved user experience and real-time insight into your security.

Mirrored Remote Site

The mirrored remote site services are designed with network security in mind, providing a secure way to handle disaster recovery and testing, while addressing compliance requirements.

Multiple-Environment Support

Flagship offers multi-environment support, including support of your x86/64 (Windows and Linux) and IBM Power (i and AIX) environments.

Server Management

Flagship’s server management and support services include server setup, upgrade(s), and ongoing maintenance.

Patch Management

Keep servers and endpoints up-to-date and patched with the latest levels of operating system and application fixes. Centrally manage and deploy custom fix packs or software installations. Maintain a software inventory of installed software for license compliance and monitoring of non-standard software installation by users.

Inventory Monitoring & Management

Flagship assists with the management of your inventory, including installed software for license compliance and monitoring of non-standard software installation by users.

Service Desk

Flagship offers 24×7 support options to ensure support is always within reach. Not only is our team monitoring your infrastructure daily, but you can get in contact with US-based support at any time.

SLA-Based Performance Monitoring

Automated SLA-based performance monitoring and service compliance reporting.

System Health Monitoring

With our system health monitoring services Flagship will keep a watchful eye on the health of your environment. Flagship’s trained Services team will monitor CPU, memory, and disk usage, as critical hardware and operating system messages for virtual and physical servers, on-premise(s), and IBM cloud services including public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud monitoring.

U.S. Based Resources

All of Flagship’s support resources are US-based and offer flexible availability.

Hybrid Cloud Management

By integrating IBM Power Systems with cloud solutions, Flagship can offer scalable, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure tailored to meet diverse business needs. This approach not only ensures seamless performance and reliability but also enables businesses to innovate and adapt in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Add On Services

Flagship offers a variety of add-on services to ensure all your needs are being met. Add-on services include:

  • Health checks and performance tuning
  • HMC and Server Firmware maintenance
  • Support for Virtual IO Servers on Power
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