IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems: Built for agile infrastructurers, growing data, and today’s most complex workloads 

IBM Power is a family of dynamic capacity servers that are based on IBM Power processors and are capable of running IBM AIX, IBM i, and Linux. IBM POWERVM provides the virtualization solution for Power Systems servers

Whether you are currently running IBM Power Systems or exploring new and better ways to leverage data insights and prepare mission-critical data for your journey to enterprise AI – Flagship can help you get the most from your Power Systems environment. Clients working with Flagship gain access to key sales, technology, and support resources critical to ensuring you realize the maximum benefit from your IBM Power Systems deployment. With IBM managed services and disaster recovery solutions you can avoid disruptions to your business and reduce the impact of unplanned downtime.

Infrastructure as a Service for Power Systems

Flagship provides customers with virtualized computing resources for the IBM Power platform. Flagship will provision the required capacities and specifications and monitor, manage, and maintain a physical infrastructure required to deliver the services.

Managed Services for IBM Power Systems Workloads

With our Managed Services offering for IBM Power, Flagship helps the customer realize the high levels of operational reliability of the IBM Power Infrastructure running their mission-critical applications while offloading the operational overhead associated with day-to-day maintenance.

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Measure the Benefits

Below are just a few of the widely-accepted benefits of making the switch to IBM Power Systems.

Increased value

Industry-leading reliability

Future-forward AI capabilities


Affordable performance scalability

Enhanced cloud capabilities


Built-in end-to-end Security

Learn more about Flagship’s Managed Services for IBM Power Systems.


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IBM Power Cost Assessment

Request an IBM i, Power AIX or Linux Server TCO assessment to determine if a POWER9 upgrade or x86 server migration will save you money. This assessment will look at your current environment, applications, and workloads and compare it with an IBM POWER9 system equivalent for server consolidation, virtualization and platform migrations.