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From the living room to the stadium – deliver the ultimate in fan experience

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Delivering Innovative Technologies to Drive the Ultimate in Fan Experience

Flagship’s solutions deliver key insights for sporting and entertainment venues, helping to turn fan engagement into breakthrough revenue. Smart Stadiums require a sophisticated mix of hardware, software, and wireless connectivity to establish communication between stadium operators and fans.  Flagship’s Smarter Stadium solutions enable 360-degree views – providing you with the opportunity to optimize engagement and the overall fan experience. 

Flagship can help you breakdown audience data into relevant and actionable insights, including data from surveillance cameras, infrastructure sensors, historical databases, concession systems, team stores, ticketing systems and more.  Use these insights in marketing and programming strategies or to optimize and personalize the fan experience. 

network Transformation

Explore how leveraging both AI and automation can modernize and virtualize your network.  Use nework and cloud to collect and process massive amounts of video and sensor data captured during live events.

Customer Experience

Data and AI insights can deliver the kind of innovation to help reshape the fan experience. Learn how AI and advanced analytics can help you optimize fan experiences in real time – and improve plans for future events.

Physical + Data Security

Use data security technologies to ensure personal data is kept secure, while implementing strong physical security measures, such as secure access to servers and the data center.

“There is an enormous amount of logistics and planning needed to support a NASCAR race, but the one thing we do not have control over is weather. This partnership with The Weather Company and Flagship Solutions Group will provide NASCAR access to critical information that can improve race operations and help minimize delays, while improving the race day experience for millions of our loyal fans.”

– Elton Sawyer, Vice President | Nascar

“The support from Flagship is invaluable. Given the amount of video data we have here and the criticality of backup, we need highly specialized support. For an organization of our size, it’s great that we can rely on Flagship rather than needing to retain our own specialists in-house.” 

– Debra Naderhoff | Senior Director, IT Infrastructure, AMBSE

Flagship is a Proud Partner of the Miami Marlins

intelligent stadium technology & services

Flagship and IBM bring a new playbook to professional sports

If you’re a sports fan, you’re exuberant when your team wins and miserable when it loses. That’s one reason sports executives work so hard to put a winner on the field. And in today’s connected world, they have an additional objective – to ensure that the fan experience is all that it can be.

intelligent stadium technology & services 

Enhance the Fan Experience, Increase Revenue, Strengthen Your Brand. 

  • Concession and point of sale optimization
  • Crowd flow optimization
  • Incident management, surveillance and security
  • Wireless networks to allow fans to post on social media during the event
  • Leverage social media analytics and visualization
  • Public safety
  • Stadium facilities and asset management
  • Optimize transportation and parking 

Strategic Alliances

We have strong partnerships with today's leading tech companies.

Our clients cite our ability to navigate within IBM and other technology manufacturers to deliver cross-platform solutions as an added benefit to working with us. We will work quickly on your behalf to mobilize resources, and make sure you are getting the best support possible across each and every engagement.


We make deep investments in our people and our solutions.


We continue to invest heavily in our in-house technical expertise so you don't have to. We understand that staying up-to-date on the latest technology trends is critical to helping you make the most out of your technology investments. Businesses who don’t have the resources to hire their own IT staff members, or who want to fill in the gaps across their existing IT teams, see the most value from our investments.

Industry knowledge

We approach your business as we would our own.

Flagship supports the IT needs of some of the world’s largest brands, cross-industry including the healthcare sector. We understand that our client's technology needs are often driven by the services they offer and the customers they serve. It is for this reason that we devote so much time to learning about your industry, your unique needs and concerns, and how we can help you reach your goals, faster.


We invest in relationships, not transactions.

As your managed service provider, we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. This helps us understand where our clients have been, and where they want to go. It also gives us a chance to show our clients what we are made of, and what makes us tick. Our team of experts is not only knowledgeable, they’re passionate about helping our customers succeed.