Video Monitoring + Analytics = Videolytics

Leverage Surveillance and Security Video Monitoring Analytics to Optimize Business Operations.

Uncover operational insights and proactively manage compliance and risk with AI-based video analytics dashboards.

Videolytics empowers organizations across all industries to rapidly analyze and uncover insights stored in live streamed or archived video – without the need for AI experts or developers. 

With Videolytics, established and emerging scenarios and objects can be identified in near real-time with alerts sent to take action, helping organizations get more out of their video investments while dramatically lower operational costs and risks.

See how Videolytics can work for your business.

Discover the Benefits of Videolytics Custom Dashboards

Videolytics dashboards provide the type of dependable, and actionable intelligence in a format that is easy to understand, in real-time.


Respond faster to issues in real-time

Make the most of your video investment


Uncover insights in large video archives

Boost search through machine learning

Improve compliance and privacy

Accelerate results for decision making

Uncover Operational Insights and Drive Better Business Decisions with Videolytics

Videolytics was developed to empower organizations to respond quickly and intelligently to business-impact issues as they arise.  With videolytics custom dashboards, you can monitor real-time activities, or uncover insights from large video archives.

Analyze video and audio content from multiple video streams

Monitor and report on server health across platforms.  Whether your servers are running on a physical, virtual, or cloud environment (or a combination of these) Infralytics helps you stay ahead of availability targets.

Search for people, objects or patterns

Videolytics creates rich metadata from your vast video archives that can be searched and shared based on the objects, events, people and locations that appear in the video.

 Key Monitoring & Alerts

Monitor designated areas and send alerts when unauthorized access is detected.

Detect abandoned objects

Receive automatic alerts from live streaming cameras when movement of objects is inconsistent with predefined patterns or when objects are abandoned.

Show Patterns of Movement

Track people, vehicles and animals in specific areas to identify movement patterns, trends and common areas of congestion.

Redact objects, faces, and entire frames in recorded video

Monitor behaviors in real-world and digital spaces to ensure that inappropriate or unwanted content and images can be removed or redacted

Our Business approach

Flagship’s Approach to Get You Started

With Videolytics, as with most client-engagements, Flagship follows an assessment-based approach to evaluating a clients video monitoring and analytics needs.



Flagship follows a comprehensive approach to first evaluate your organization’s needs as they relate to video surveillance and security video-related data.



Flagship will provide a detailed roadmap containing our findings and recommendations.   Part of the recommendations process will include suggestions for videolytics dashboards that will assist you in obtaining the information you need to support your key business initiatives.


Based on the recommendations and ongoing needs of your business, Flagship will set out to build custom dashboard solutions that reflects key data points and insights that were previously too difficult or onerous to obtain.  


Flagship offers clients ongoing support at various levels including Monitoring and Support Services, Service Desk, Hosted Servers, Server Management and Mirrored Remote Site to help supplement your ongoing IT support needs. 

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