Managed Cloud Services to Optimize Your Cloud Strategy

Choose a Managed Cloud Service Provider & Cloud Deployment Model That’s Right for Your Business

Trust the Cloud security experts at Flagship to support you and your business goals around digital transformation and migration to the enterprise cloud.

Flagship Solutions Group can help you throughout your entire cloud journey. Our team of seasoned cloud experts can help you build a repeatable and successful approach to manage and optimize your cloud operations. Flagship brings 10+ years of experience as a managed service provider and 100+ successfully delivered engagements to help you succeed with your cloud migration journey.

Flagship Solutions Group services span beyond just Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with 24/7 monitoring of your cloud environment. When teamed with our cloud managed services, Flagship will provide ownership of the management of your environment, while optimizing and streamlining your operations so you can focus on activities that drive true business value and deliver innovation that can put you ahead of your competition.

Using flagship, businesses can use Cloud computing as a catalyst for adopting new digital technologies at a faster pace with a lower cost of ownership – all while giving your enterprise applications far greater scalability and agility in a rapidly changing business environment.

Flagship can help you develop and support a strategy that makes the most sense for your business, while also helping you to overcome the most commonly encountered roadblocks.

Benefits of Flagship as Your Cloud Managed Service Provider

Without comprehensive cloud solution, your business is susceptible to security threats, data loss and costly downtime. Whether you have a multi-tenant or hybrid cloud environment, Flagship’s cloud managed services provides the extensive cloud knowledge necessary to support your environment or fill in the management gaps.

Predictable Costs

Knowledgeable Resources


Robust Infrastructure


Enhanced Security


Service Continuity

 Which Cloud-Deployment Model is Right for You?

Flagship understands that no two customer requirements are alike – especially when it comes to cloud deployments.  What might be an optimal approach for one company could be a legal liability for another.  Flagship can work with your enterprise IT department to find the best practices that meet your unique business needs from both a cost, performance, efficiency, and security / compliance perspective. 

Public Cloud

A significant advantage of the public cloud is customers only pay for the resources they use. Since Flagship is providing the cloud infrastructure, it is not only easy to deploy, but client’s don’t have to worry about the additional investment of deploying and maintaining the IT infrastructure themselves.

Hybrid Cloud

With a hybrid cloud, data and applications move between both a private and public cloud.  Companies can enjoy the computing power of a public cloud with the security and control of a private cloud. 

Private Cloud

With a private cloud model, businesses have the ability to maintain better views of infrastructure, tighter security controls, improved ability to meet compliance requirements, minimized need for physical infrastructure, and more customization capabilities.

Multi Cloud

Multi cloud is the use of multiple cloud computing and storage services in a single heterogeneous architecture. Multi Cloud offers the ability to leverage the strengths of multiple cloud providers, enhanced flexibility, optimized cost and performance, and increased operational capacity. 

Flagship’s Cloud Managed Services

With Flagship’s managed services for hybrid cloud deployments, Flagship offers services that span the design, build, migration and operation of your private and public cloud environments.  With cloud solutions that reach beyond Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) we provide 24/7 monitoring of your cloud environment. 

Backup as a Service

Flagship’s Backup as a Service offers a robust range of onsite, offsite and hybrid cloud-based data protection services for clients that want to support information resiliency across enterprise data assets. 

Cloud Migration Services

With Flagship’s architecture and transformation blueprints, clients are offered a proven and streamlined approach in all phases of a cloud migration  – from planning and cloud architecture to migration execution and ongoing support.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

With Flagship’s cloud managed services, sensitive data will be safe and secured across all cloud services and applications. In the event of a disaster, your business operations can continue with minimal downtime. 

Flagship offers a reliable disaster recovery orchestration with automation and quick provisioning in a software-defined recovery environment that helps reduce errors, risks, and resources for testing and documentation.

Cloud Security

Leveraging Flagship’s expertise in Cloud Security, we can help you implement end-to-end security solutions that assess your current state of cloud readiness, define your ideal cloud security future state based on your business and privacy/regulatory requirements, and create a roadmap to a secure hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Cloud Integration Services

Flagship’s solution architecture capabilities provides organizations seeking to integrate multiple cloud provider environments and technology components with the tools and cloud resources necessary to achieve harmonious cloud integrations.

Cloud Testing & DR Process Validation

With Flagship’s cloud testing and DR process validation, clients are offered various insights and scenarios to help organizations bolster resiliency and recovery time.

Cloud Infrastructure Management and Monitoring

  • Onboarding
  • OS Patching
  • System Administration
  • 24X7 Monitoring for Cloud, Website, Server, Network and More.
  • Intuitive Infrastructure-Focused Dashboards giving direct visibility into the status of the infrastructure
  • Support of your x86 (Windows and Linux) and IBM Power (i and AIX) environments

Flagship’s Strategic Alliances for Cloud

Flagship has formed partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class cloud providers and cloud services organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients. 

There are a number of ways to approach your cloud migration.   From a single cloud or a multi-cloud consisting of public and private computing environments, Flagship can help you find the setup that’s right for your business. 

The IBM Cloud Advantage. Freedom. Knowledge. Expertise.

IBM Cloud is a suite of cloud computing services from IBM that offers both platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). With IBM Cloud IaaS, organizations can deploy and access virtualized IT resources — such as compute power, storage and networking — over the internet.

IBM is the global leader in enterprise cloud with a platform designed to meet the evolving needs of business and society. Moving past productivity and cost improvements, the IBM Cloud is tuned for the AI and data demands that are driving true differentiation in today’s enterprise.

IBM’s private, public and hybrid offerings provide the global scale businesses need to support innovation across industries, while its nearly 60 Cloud Data Centers across 19 countries help clients meet their expanding data locality requirements.



More Choice and Flexibility, On-Premise and Off

Current AIX and IBM i clients can use IBM Power Systems Virtual Server on IBM Cloud for a number of workload scenarios, including disaster recovery, dev/test environments, and partial IT infrastructure moves. Our clients can not only stay competitive with the scaling of their infrastructure but also stay flexible with the management and capacity of their workloads both on- and off-premise. And since the infrastructure layer is identical, system administrators who run on-premise AIX and IBM i systems today can use their same tools, workflows, and enhancements in the cloud.


Flagship will monitor your AWS services, databases, servers and containers all in one place.  With Flagship’s custom Infralytics dashboards, clients can seamlessly navigate between infrastructure metrics, application traces, and relevant logs – all in a single platform.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.

Flagship Solutions Group is a dedicated AWS Partner and member of the AWS Partner Network (APN). Flagship’s Cloud experts have developed deep technical knowledge, processes, and tools to help customers plan, execute, and transition to AWS. 


Flagship can monitor your entire Microsoft Azure environment and extended hybrid, multi-cloud ecosystem.  Flagship services for Microsoft Azure enable clients with automatic deployment and configuration options while providing critical insights and intelligence about your environment through integrated and intuitive dashboard analytics. 


Microsoft Azure

Azure is a public cloud computing platform—with solutions including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) that can be used for services such as analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and much more.



From assessment to optimization, Flagship helps you navigate your Google cloud journey — with more speed and precision than you thought possible.

Learn how Flagship can provide the planning, design and migration assistance necessary to navigate Google Cloud.  Our team of experts can help you with enhanced management, monitoring and optimization of Google Cloud Platform features — so you can experience optimal cloud performance 24x7x365.  Whether you need to decommission or consolidate on-premise data centers, migrate or upgrade virtual machines or upgrade them to containers, or even transform applications into cloud services, Flagship is there to help.

Google Cloud

Meet your business challenges head on with cloud computing services from Google.

Modernize your workloads on world-class infrastructure
Migrate quickly with pre-packaged cloud infrastructure solutions for SAP, VMware, Windows, Oracle, data center migration, and other enterprise workloads.

Protect your data with multilayered security
Secure-by-design infrastructure protects your data, applications, and users, with advanced anti-malware and threat detection.

Drive decision-making with intelligent analytics
Uncover actionable insights from your data, with a suite of scalable solutions for data warehouses, analytics, and AI and machine learning.

Adopt hybrid and multi-cloud without vendor lock-in
Build applications once and run them in hybrid and multi-cloud environments with other cloud providers.

In an effort to support our client’s initiatives around hybrid cloud infrastructures; cloud-native application development; and IT automation and management, Flagship has developed core competencies and technical expertise around Red Hat’s open solutions.

Flagship supports our clients hybrid IT initiatives by offering assistance in the selection of automation tools and workload placement – helping them to meet the ongoing demands for flexibility and reduced cost.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

The foundation for your enterprise hybrid cloud

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform. It’s an open source operating system (OS). It’s the foundation from which you can scale existing apps—and roll out emerging technologies—across bare-metal, virtual, container, and all types of cloud environments.

Red Hat OpenShift

Manage hybrid cloud and multicloud deployments

Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise-ready Kubernetes container platform with full-stack automated operations to manage hybrid cloud and multicloud deployments. Red Hat OpenShift is optimized to improve developer productivity and promote innovation.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform

MA leading open source cloud infrastructure project- stabilized for your enterprise

Red Hat OpenStack Platform is a cloud computing platform that virtualizes resources from industry-standard hardware, organizes those resources into clouds, and manages them so users can access what they need—when they need it. 

Let the VMware experts at Flagship help you make the most of what next-generation cloud has to offer  while maximizing your existing VMware investments. We’ll apply our unbiased expertise to accelerate and optimize your transformation — no matter where you are on your cloud journey.

Flagship enables customers to leverage VMWare service offerings to broaden their technology portfolio and wrap these solutions with unique managed services.  Flagship offers both license subscription and managed services models under the same program – providing customers with more choice and flexibility in how to build and support cloud solutions and accelerates growth.

VMware Cloud

Cloud services delivering consistent infrastructure and consistent operations.

Run, manage, connect and protect all of your apps on any cloud.

Flagship is the right partner to provide the best Microsoft solutions and Managed Services to support your digital transformation initiatives. Flagship has experience working with Microsoft, we have the best team of experts providing services and available 24/7.

Microsoft Digital Transformation Products & Services

You can only carry out a successful digital transformation with the right toolset. Microsoft solutions are the key to implementing an effective digital strategy that allows your business to harness the power of data and get ahead of the competition.


Flagship managed services directly support HyTrust’s solution capabilities to protect your virtual infrastructure with enhanced measures for authentication, authorization and auditing.  And with improved visibility and control, compliance is simplified and virtualization is accelerated.   

HyTrust provides solutions that automate security controls for software-defined computing, networking and storage workloads to achieve the highest levels of visibility, granular policy control and data protection. With the coming of products like VMware ESXi, NSX and vSphere, power is concentrated in the hypervisor. Because of the absolute power of the hypervisor over compute, storage and now network, it is vital to properly control access to admin/root accounts as well as control who can do what to the network and servers.

HyTrust CloudControl

CloudControl helps you protect your virtual infrastructure with authentication, authorization and auditing. Better visibility and control simplify compliance and accelerate further virtualization.

HyTrust DataControl

Whether you are running VMs in a private cloud powered by vSphere or a public clouds like IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, vCloud Air or AWS, HyTrust DataControl provides strong encryption for virtual machines in any  cloud, along with easy to deploy key management YOU control.

HyTrust KeyControl

HyTrust KeyControl simplifies the process of key management for applications that do not require sophisticated policy based key management – but still need to perform to scale to enterprise grade level performance.

HyTrust CloudAdvisor

HyTrust CloudAdvisor for Data enables you to define policies to automatically discover the data that’s valuable to you, detect anomalous user access behaviors, and defend your organization against careless exposure, data loss, malicious users, and regulatory noncompliance.


Flagship’s services support Skytap as it provides businesses the capability to run IBM Power workloads in the public cloud without any rewriting, creating a quicker path to the cloud at a lower cost. Organizations immediately benefit by having core cloud infrastructure capabilities and the ability for developers to innovate across these applications sooner with integration into the full array of services such as analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Natively Run Your Traditional IBM POWER & x86 Workloads in the Cloud

Skytap provides businesses the capability to run IBM Power workloads in the public cloud without any rewriting, creating a quicker path to the cloud at a lower cost. Organizations immediately benefit by having core cloud infrastructure capabilities and the ability for developers to innovate across these applications sooner with integration into the full array of services such as analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.



Flagship’s Cloud Computing Services

Flagship offers cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) from a growing number of data centers and network points of presence around the world. 

Don’t know which cloud services is right for you?  Sign up for our Cloud-Readiness Assessment.  

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Proving the benefits of hybrid cloud – without the complexity and costs

IaaS services from Flagship offers clients a completely virtualized computing infrastructure.  Clients enjoy the convenience of a pay-per-use model without having to acquire, manage, and maintain IT infrastructure. 

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With IaaS Computing Services, Flagship not only manages the physical-end of the infrastructure but offers clients the ability to fully customize these virtualized resources to suit their specific needs.  Clients can purchase, install, configure, and manage any software they need to use, including things like operating systems, middleware, applications, business analytics, and development tools.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Integrate and manage your cloud environment more effectively

Increase the speed of development on a ready-to-use platform to deploy applications.  PaaS utilizes the same basic infrastructure as IaaS, but it also includes the operating systems, middleware, development tools, and database management systems needed to create software.

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Since the platform is accessible over the internet, remote development teams can all access the same assets to speed up product development. For many companies, PaaS can greatly reduce coding time and help companies get their products to market faster.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Leverage the benefits of SaaS with Flagship

SaaS utilizes the internet to deliver applications, which are managed by Flagship, to its users. Most of SaaS applications run directly through your web browser, which reduces the need for downloads or installations on the client side. 

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With SaaS, Flagship will manage all potential technical issues, such as data, middleware, servers, and storage, resulting in streamlined maintenance and support for the business. 

Choosing a Cloud Computing model that’s right for you.

The table below illustrates how a move to the cloud can help you significantly free up resources, reduce costs, and become more efficient.  Whether you are new to cloud, or trying to figure out whether you would benefit from IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or a combination of them all, Flagship can help.





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Frequently Asked Questions

What are cloud managed services?

Cloud managed services refer to outsourcing the management and optimization of cloud-based infrastructure and services to a third-party provider. These services typically include monitoring, maintenance, security, backup and disaster recovery, and support for cloud environments.

What is the difference between cloud services and managed services?

Cloud services refer to the delivery of computing resources over the internet, while managed services involve the outsourced management and support of IT systems and infrastructure. Cloud services can be part of the underlying technology stack used to deliver managed services, but managed services are a broader concept that encompasses a range of IT functions, including those related to cloud services.


Next-Generation Hybrid Cloud Powers Next-Generation Business

The Power of Cloud

Driving business model innovation.

Tailoring Hybrid Cloud

Designing the right mix for innovation, efficiency, and growth.

Let’s Get Started

Request a Cloud Readiness Assessment 

Flagship’s Cloud Readiness Assessment offers a 4-step approach to assist businesses in developing a cloud strategy that helps them meet their business goals quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Step One - Assess Your Workloads

Flagship will begin by performing an overall assessment of your business needs and requirements.  A wizard-based assessment tool will help to determine if an application is ready to move to the cloud. The assessment determines the possible benefits of moving the workload to the cloud and the ideal infrastructure for the application (public cloud, private cloud or on-premises).

Step Two - Compare Cloud Providers

Flagship will help you to compare cloud providers to decide which infrastructure will make the most sense for the workload based on service levels and costs. Let us help you compare factors including pricing, SLAs, security, and provisioning time.

Step Three - Create Reusable Cloud Blueprints

These blueprints can integrate managed services such as backup, security and monitoring. In addition, the patterns are modifiable to fit the specific needs of future developers. The reusability of design patterns means that other DevOps teams can use a predefined and approved pattern.

Step Four - Estimate Your Bill

Flagship will help you estimate the potential cost of your hybrid cloud deployment.