Business Continuity Planning

Stay ahead of disruption and disaster with Flagship Solutions Group’s business continuity management.

Build a Business Continuity Plan that Can Make the Difference Between Disruption and Disaster

Step One

Risk Assessment & Business Impact Assessment – Identify the potential risk and impact resulting from a disruption of business functions and processes.

Step Two

Strategy & Plan Development – Identify, document and implement plans and recovery strategies.

Step Three

Test, Train & Maintain – Performing testing and exercises to evaluate recovery strategies and plan performance.


Flagship provides a full-breadth of business continuity services, including assessments, planning and design, implementation, testing and full business continuity program management – whether within a customer premise or in the cloud.

A well-constructed business continuity plan can make all the difference should your business experience downtime resulting from a malicious cyber attack or other unforeseen event.  Understanding and implementing the elements of a comprehensive business continuity plan is paramount to ensuring minimal disruption and business operations are sustained. So what’s the issue? 

While many IT leaders understand and feel the mounting pressure to ensure organizational resilience, there are often a number of roadblocks encountered on their path to success. Hindrances include: lack of infrastructure, budget, training, staff, resources, and / or organizational buy-in / support.

Measure the Benefits

Learn how partnering with Flagship on your Business Continuity plan can make the difference between disruption and disaster.

Reduce Downtime

Reduce downtime in the event of a disruption by connecting your data protection infrastructure to resiliency assets.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Instead of having to hire skilled staff, investing in security infrastructure, and / or purchasing enterprise-grade antivirus, network, and firewall protection, you can bring on Flagship to manage these for you.

Agile Recovery Methods

Experience more agile recovery methods, with improved recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO).

Skilled Security Expertise

Take advantage of Flagship’s experts who are skilled in Security and Business Continuity planning and services.

Improve Compliance

Flagship understands and follows well-known compliance regimes.  Let us help you manage compliance with regulatory requirements.

Performance & Monitoring

With Flagship’s Infralytics performance and monitoring dashboards, clients can reduce the risk of downtime by enabling predictable performance and automation via a custom dashboard portal interface.


Our services range from planning and preparation to full Business Continuity program management including risk management, business impact analysis, disaster recovery planning, backup and recovery services, and crisis management.


RISK ASSESSMENT & BUSINESS IMPACT ANALYSIS  Flagship will work with the client to perform an assessment to identify the potential effects resulting from a disruption of business functions and processes. Flagship will use the information obtained to help the client make decisions about recovery priorities and strategies. 

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Assess the potential impact of a disruption on critical business processes and functions. Flagship separates the critical organizational functions from those that aren’t critical to the sustainability of operations.

Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)

The acceptable amount of time it will take to restore the data needed to sustain operations. RTO is determined by the business and is based on the amount of time that an organization can afford to be without access to its critical systems and applications.

Threat and Risk Analysis (TRA)

To understand the largest threat and risk factors your organization currently faces.

Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPOD)

The maximum amount of time that an organization has to restore core systems before the stakeholders of the endeavor begin to consider their investments to be in serious jeopardy.

Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

The acceptable amount of data loss that the organization can allow. RPO is the point in time to which data must be recovered after a disaster or disruption, in order to resume normal business operations.


PLAN DEVELOPMENT & IMPLEMENTATION Next, Flagship will work with the client to help identify, document, and implement strategies to recover critical business functions and processes.

Identify Team(s) and Key Players

A team should be assembled and assigned very specific roles that all carry essential tasks.

Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

Having a backup and disaster recovery plan in place is crucial not only for testing and development but also for crisis management in the event of the worst-case scenario.

Continuity Execution Strategy

In the event that the business continuity plan is launched, there needs to be a well-defined execution strategy so each player and team understands their critical role in the process.

Detailed Recovery Procedures

Detailed IT recovery procedures should be developed so technology can be restored in time to meet the needs of the business.

Escalation, notification, and activation strategies

Having documented escalation, notification and activation strategies in place will ensure less disruption or confusion in the event that plan activation is necessary.


TEST, TRAIN & MAINTAIN – Finally, Flagship will assist the client in conducting training for the business continuity team and performing testing and exercises to evaluate recovery strategies and the overall continuity plan.

Ongoing Testing and Maintenance 

To ensure that your Business Continuity plans continue to align with the goals of your organization and adapt to any changes made within your environment.

Mirrored Remote Site

For disaster recovery or testing | development purposes

SLA Based Performance Monitoring

Automated SLA-based performance monitoring and service compliance reporting

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