IBM Security Threat Management

When Threat Management Defenses Unite, Businesses Move Faster. Flagship can help.

 If you don’t have a strategic plan in place that includes automated incident response, a single view of security data and real-time communications during remediation, your
biggest threat may be your own divided security defenses.  Security Threat Management delivers an orchestrated, real-time threat response that links people and processes together seamlessly for truly unified security.

IBM Security Threat Management delivers the tools you need to investigate threats intelligently — from SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response) to SIEM,
advanced analytics to artificial intelligence — and connects them with third-party security apps and IT operations under a single dashboard. The result is an integrated,  orchestrated security environment that dramatically improves threat response times, detects hidden threats and turns security analysts into master hunters.

Measure the Benefits

Learn how Security Threat Management solutions can help you be better prepared to detect and respond to threats.



Better visibility across network, endpoints, cloud and users to track activity in realtime



Easily identify risky users by applying machine learning (ML) and behavioral analytics to uncover anomalous behaviors



Take advantage of automation and AI to gather artifacts and understand the broader attack story (malicious, inadvertent, etc.)



Streamline and automate response to address anomalous behaviors (remove access, report to management, etc.) and ensure privacy and regulatory compliance

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The Security Assessment will analyze areas across the following Security Domains while providing recommendations and next steps to ensure your business is protected from ongoing threats.

  • Application and Web Security
  • Data Security
  • Fraud Protection
  • Infrastructure- Perimeter, UTM, Endpoint, & Mobile Security
  • People- Identity and Access
  • Security Intelligence

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