IBM BigFix Patch from Flagship Protects All Your Endpoints

Software and application patches are a fact of life. There are always going to be improvements and fixes from vendors. Patch management is extremely complex if not managed properly. When your software vendor distributes a patch do you have the time, the staff and capability to quickly apply it across all of your endpoints? Adding to the complexity is the quantity of patches; you are most likely receiving these patches from several vendors, and several patches at one time.

To give a little perspective, in one month Microsoft delivered 64 critical fixes across 17 software updates. Similarly, Adobe patched 42 known bugs and vulnerabilities in its Adobe Reader and Flash products, while Oracle patched 73 known security vulnerabilities, all in just one month.

It is critical for organizations to use a proven solution for patch management. A patch management program establishes an environment that is secure against known vulnerabilities in operating system and application software. Viruses, worms and malicious code target known vulnerabilities on unpatched systems, resulting in system failure, downtime, data breach and expense. While on this topic, it’s important to note that timeliness of patch implementation is critical. Hackers are racing to infiltrate your system before you install the patch.

In addition, increasing concern around governance and regulatory compliance (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley, Payment Card Industry, Data Security Standard, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) has motivated enterprises to gain better control and oversight of their information assets. These regulations require organizations to establish, document and prove compliance with patch management processes. Failure to do so can result in heavy penalties and fines.

A patch management solution should find, fix and secure endpoints. IBM BixFix Patch provides comprehensive and continuous patch management, including:

  • Automatic patch management for up to hundreds of thousands of endpoints for multiple operating systems and applications – regardless of location, connection type or status
  • Application of the correct patches to the correct endpoints
  • Greater visibility into patch compliance with flexible, real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Near real-time reporting and control from a single management console
  • Proactive reduction of security risk by streamlining remediation cycles from weeks to hours

Flagship Solutions Group offers IBM BigFix Patch as a managed service. This solution provides peace of mind that your endpoints are protected, reduces operational expense and frees up your in-house IT team – all for a low monthly fee. Customers using IBM BigFix Patch have achieved more than 95 percent first-pass patch success rates-up from the conventional 60-75 percent rate. The solution not only increases the effectiveness of the patch process, but it cuts operational costs and reduces staff workloads by as much as 20-1.

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