Organizations running critical applications on IBM Power Systems (AIX, Linux, IBM i / System i, AS/400) or IBM System z (zSeries) may be feeling the pressure to upgrade due to vendors no longer supporting older versions of applications, operating systems, and/or hardware. Many organizations are also finding it difficult to keep the necessary IT skills on staff to support these environments.

If you are experiencing challenges such as these and are looking for a way to cut costs and increase efficiency, Flagship can help.

Flagship Solutions Group specializes in supporting the IBM environment. Our managed services include:

  • IT Monitoring: Ongoing real-time monitoring of your system activities
  • Service Desk: 24×7 support to make sure you are always within reach of assistance
  • Hosted Servers: Your choice of physical or virtual servers (CAPEX versus OPEX model)
  • Server Management: Admin support to include set up, upgrades, and on-going maintenance
  • Mirrored remote site: For disaster recovery or test/development purposes

Flagship utilizes enterprise class tools and products in delivering managed services. We allow you to set your own engagement levels as well as unique thresholds and policies for your systems. We help you to maintain total visibility and control of your environment.

Trust Flagship Solutions Group to help you manage your IBM environment.

To learn more, contact Flagship at or call (561) 208-FYI1 (3941).