AI for ITOps

Learn how infusing AI into your enterprise IT Ops can help you make better decisions, faster – all while saving your organization time and resource the process. 

Helping you to thrive in today’s dynamic business climate by achieving new levels of  efficiency and resiliency across your IT operations.

Today’s modern applications are getting more and more complex and often run on multi-location, multi-cloud architecture. It is more important than ever to monitor your infrastructure for events.  With data volumes generated by IT infrastructures growing two-to-three-fold every year, and IT operations budgets shrinking in tandem, IT leaders are looking to Artificial Intelligence to not only prevent disaster, but help them work more efficiently. When it comes to IT services, even a small component collapsing at a strategic location can cause major havoc – including a complete business service outage.


58% of enterprises have between 6-40 different monitoring tools*

MTTR for application-related problems is often 3-6 hours*

Discover the Benefits of AI for IT Ops

Learn how AI for ITOps can provide the type of dependable, and actionable intelligence that you need to power your business decisions.

Automatically identify hidden patterns and context

Make smarter decisions based on real-time data

Reduce monitoring time and resolve complex problems quickly

Dynamically manage to and from complex hybrid, multi-cloud environments

Enhanced communication between business units

Bridges real-time and historic data

Avoid incidents through increased context and automatio

Free up internal resources

Visualize and Optimize Your Infrastructure with Infralytics

Infralytics™ was developed to empower IT organizations to respond quickly and intelligently to business-impact issues as they arise.  With Infralytics custom dashboards, you can monitor physical servers, virtual machines, network devices, applications, and services across multiple platforms – whether on-premise, virtual, or in the Cloud.

 Features of Infralytics include: 

Alerts & Notifications

Rather than pouring over logs of data, Infralytics helps you quickly identify and respond to the root-cause of an issue, regardless of where it originates from (the application, server, or network level).

Application Performance Monitoring

Stay on top of application performance and delivery.

Capacity Planning and Optimization

Stay in-the-know on current utilization rates, regardless if it’s on-prem, or in virtual or cloud environments – allowing you to plan and optimize accordingly.

Customizable Interface

Create single views that shares insights from across your data center – allowing you to display the type of actionable insights that matter most to you and your teams. 

Monitor Cloud Security

Threats are constantly changing.  Infralytics helps you keep an eye on patterns in your cloud environment, helping you to manage security threats in real-time.

Monitor Virtual Stack

By monitoring performance and availability of your virtual environment, Infralytics helps track VM growth and sprawl – helpling you identify where there may be underused or abandoned VMs.

Network Performance Monitoring

Network performance is key to application and service delivery.  Infralytics alerts you to a problem before it becomes an issue for you or your customers.

SLA Performance Monitoring and Trends

By monitoring IT service levels in real-time, Infralytics provides you and your team with advanced views into poor performance areas, whether at the server, network, or application level, ensuring you never miss another SLA.

Server Health Monitoring

Whether your servers are running on a physical, virtual, or cloud environment (or a combination of these) Infralytics server health monitoring capabilities help you to stay ahead of availability targets.

Our Business approach

Flagship’s Solution Assessment & Delivery Methodology.

Many of Flagship’s Managed Services clients rely on Infralytics dashboards to monitor, manage, and optimize performance across their infrastructure.  Flagship begins each engagement with an assessment-based approach to evaluate a clients infrastructure and needs.



Flagship follows a comprehensive approach to first evaluate your organization’s IT infrastructure including hardware, software, storage, networking and cloud, particularly how the health of those infrastructures relate to and affect your business efficiency and expenditures.



Flagship will provide a detailed roadmap containing our findings and recommendations.   Part of the recommendations process will include suggestions for Infralytics dashboards that will assist you in obtaining the information you need to support your key business initiatives.


Based on the recommendations and ongoing needs of your business, Flagship will set out to build custom dashboard solutions that reflects key data insights that were previously too difficult or onerous to obtain. 


Flagship offers clients ongoing support at various levels including IT Monitoring, Service Desk, Hosted Servers, Server Management and Mirrored Remote Site to help supplement your ongoing IT support needs. 

More Analytics Offerings

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Data & Artificial Intelligence

Wherever you are in your AI journey, Flagship can help you modernize the way you do business and tap into the unlimited possibilities that AI presents. 


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