In this day and age, when managed solutions are critical to protecting your vital company resources and moving your organization forward, it’s more critical than ever to ensure that your data, devices and technology are secure and protected from intrusion at every level. That’s particularly true when it comes to securing your endpoints. Endpoint management and control is one of the most important areas of security today. HCL BigFix is the answer to managing your endpoints.

At Flagship Solutions Group, we’re proud to offer HCL BigFix. It’s an essential endpoint security management tool designed to rapidly detect, analyze, impede and contain any cyberattack in progress. As a business that relies on secure endpoints to keep your — and your customers’ — information safe, the endpoint security solution you choose makes a huge difference. BigFix shields your data and devices from intrusion, while protecting your clients and customers from exposure.

Our experience with BigFix is vast and client-tested. It provides full visibility of your endpoints, to include every connection, location, type or status. In addition, it allows you to monitor, maintain, patch and remain in compliance your entire endpoint fleet, no matter where they are located or the type of network connectivity.

Flagship Solutions Group offers a range of HCL BigFix endpoint security products, services and solutions designed to protect, find and fix endpoints faster. These include:

BigFix Compliance: Continuous policy enforcement and reporting
Continuously monitor and enforce endpoint security configurations to ensure compliance with regulatory or organizational security policies:

  • Enforce continuous compliance
  • Provide Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance
  • Manage up to 250,000 endpoints from a single server
  • Deliver a broad range of security functions

BigFix Inventory: Comprehensive software asset inventory for license reconciliation or compliance purposes:

  • Identify licensed and unlicensed software across heterogenous operating systems; reduce software spend and compliance penalties.
  • Manage assets across hundreds of thousands of endpoints
  • Deliver a comprehensive Software Identification Catalog
  • Enable enhanced reporting
  • Provide discovery for software and process
  • Integrates with software products

BigFix Lifecycle: Unified, cross-platform, real-time visibility and management of endpoints, including asset discovery, patch management, software distribution, OS provisioning, remote control, and power management:

  • Reduce cost, risk and complexity of managing cloud, server, desktop, laptop, point-of-sale and other endpoints.
  • Simplify operations and deliver comprehensive visibility

BigFIx Insights: Accelerates risk identification and decision-making:
Enable deeper data analysis across traditional on-premises, cloud, and modern client devices for faster threat posture status reporting to executives to drive next steps.

BigFix Modern Client Management: Accelerates risk identification and decision-making:
Enable deeper data analysis across traditional on-premises, cloud, and modern client devices for faster threat posture status reporting to executives to drive next steps.



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Endpoint security is crucial to protecting your business and its valuable assets. We’re here to help. Feel free to contact a Flagship Solutions Group professional today. He or she will work with you to assess your current security program setup, determine your needs going forward, and show you solutions that can protect your endpoints and be integrated into a wide-reaching, holistic approach to your entire security program. Protect your business, save time and money, and gain true peace of mind. We look forward to working with you!



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