IBM® Watson™ Analytics is a powerful analytics solution that helps organizations aggregate, analyze and visualize massive amounts of information to expose unique insights. Watson Analytics helps organizations interpret and understand their enterprise information to validate what is known and reveal what is unknown.

Get better data

IBM Watson Analytics helps you find and improve data sets with the touch of a button. You can get to work quickly instead of spending precious time cleaning up and preparing your data.

Understand your business

Watson Analytics brings an engaging analytics experience in conversational terms you can understand. Whether you have a question to answer, an assumption to test or you are not sure what you want, Watson Analytics has you covered.

Tell a story

Watson Analytics shows you the most brilliant way to make your point. Quickly create clear and compelling infographics to get others on your side.

Think ahead

Watson Analytics automatically does the hard math to show you the most relevant facts, patterns and relationships. See not only what is likely to happen but also what you can do about it.

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