Endpoint management, like all technology, has evolved and grown with computing needs. What once was thought of as strictly a security measure is now a comprehensive solution for endpoint management, which includes monitoring, patching, inventory and security.

While security is extremely important, it is just one aspect of endpoint management. Think about all of the endpoints that are part of your organization. Every laptop, desktop, mobile device, server, point-of-sale terminal, etc. need to be managed in terms of licensing, software updates, patch management, optimization, compliance and general inventory.

Managing all of these devices can be a consuming job for your IT resources. Questions you must ask yourself are: “What is our breaking point in terms of the value of in-house endpoint management? Is endpoint management keeping our IT team from more strategic projects? Is our business at risk because IT cannot keep up with patch management?”

Perhaps it’s time to consider another option. Fortunately, there are solutions for organizations of all sizes to manage all endpoints regardless of what platform they are on. IBM® BigFix® provides a single platform for endpoint management and security. From a single console, you have full visibility into all of your endpoints; you can automate patch roll outs; and you can check for vulnerabilities. It’s a comprehensive, end-to-end solution.

Benefits of BigFix Endpoint Management:

  • Automate patch management
  • Accelerate provisioning and updates
  • Avoid user disruptions
  • Free up your internal IT resources for strategic projects
  • Continuous endpoint monitoring
  • Policy-based security for all endpoints
  • Dashboard view of all endpoints

Powered by IBM BigFix, Flagship Solutions Group has helped many organizations get control of their endpoints. With BigFix from Flagship your endpoints are protected, operational expenses are reduced and your IT staff can focus on more strategic objectives. Lack of visibility and control makes you vulnerable to security breaches and financial loss. The question is no longer if you’ll be breached — but when. Flagship and IBM BigFix let you quickly find, fix, and secure endpoints.

And with IBM BigFix you are getting the industry leader. It has been recognized as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the fourth year in a row. It’s time to make the jump to a bigger bowl.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how Flagship and IBM BigFix can help manage your endpoints and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

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