When used correctly, public and private apps can take a business to new levels. When used incorrectly, they not only compromise employee productivity and customer engagement but they open the business to major threats.

Increasingly, mobile apps are a source of corporate security vulnerabilities. Poor data storage practices, malware, unauthorized access, lack of encryption and data leaks caused by synching can pose great security risks. For companies that lack a comprehensive mobile strategy that incorporates mobile application management, employees misusing devices and not practicing good mobile behavior compounds the risk already inherent in poorly designed apps.

Businesses need to be much more mindful about securely enabling productivity. It’s no longer okay to just secure employee email, calendars, contacts and a few choice apps and then block access to anything else. Today’s users want the apps they want—and often need—to get their jobs done. To empower employees, enterprises need the ability to securely distribute and manage mobile apps—on both BYOD and COPE devices—that are critical to employee productivity and to businesses running smoothly.

Those companies who will fall in the category of “using apps right” are the ones with a sound strategy that harnesses the power of mobility while securing access to business resources.

Enter IT. In the appification of business, IT is perfectly positioned to be the enterprise hero, the great enabler of mobile app success, the champion of mobility. You can drive employee productivity and collaboration, customer engagement, and revenue by leading the development and deployment of an app strategy that satisfies everyone’s needs, from enterprise to end-user—all while keeping your business safe from malware, data leaks, and other potentially serious threats. But, first, you need the right information and tools to ensure that you’re developing, deploying and managing your enterprise’s apps according to best practices.

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