Red Hat Ansible Workshop

Learn how Red Hat Ansible is delivering agility and flexibility to IT organizations (networks, security, clouds, DevOps tools, and more)

About this workshop
The Ansible security workshop is a hands-on experience of how Ansible can automate common use cases encountered in security operations. The workshop provides an introduction to core concepts of Ansible and builds on those throughout the workshop in a way that engages both new and experienced Ansible users.

The workshop consists of a short presentation of the concepts covered in each section followed by a live exercise where each participant will be able to put the concepts discussed into action. Each participant will have a dedicated set of systems to follow the exercises.

The workshop use cases will explore using Ansible to automate the following scenarios within a Security Operations Center:

  • Security Analyst detection and triage of suspicious activities using automation with a SIEM.
  • Security Operator conducting threat hunting activities after being alerted to suspicious firewall activities and using automation to counter the threat.
  • Security Operator initiating an incident response from IOC’s received in an IDS and using automation to begin remediation efforts.



Aug 06 2020


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Trish McLoughlin
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