On Demand Webinar – Breaking Down the Silos Between IT and Security Operations – Leverage Unified, Common Integrations to Automate Security Processes

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platforms are all the rage as companies seek to cope with limited staffing and in-house expertise and an ever-evolving range of attacks.  In particular, automation holds the promise of super-charging existing teams – driving improved response times while at the same time minimizing manual tasks and reducing skillset requirements. Doing this, however, requires integrations between the SOAR platform and any related security and IT systems. Organizations that aren’t careful risk winding up with multiple, incompatible repositories of integrations across security, the network, endpoints, cloud environments, and IT. At best this is difficult and expensive to manage. At worst the organization finds themselves owning what is effectively a large-scale software development project; trying to manage all of these integration repositories to keep them up-to-date and functioning.

Forward-looking organizations are managing this risk by standardizing their integration repositories to drive maximum leverage and minimize complexity. They build commonly used integrations once, on one platform / repository, and reuse them as required across functions: IT, Security, etc.

Learn how you can:
– Unify siloed integration points from across the -business
– Automate security processes to quickly identify and respond to threats
– Define and create sophisticated workflows across all your integrations
– Promote knowledge sharing and collaboration across Dev Ops teams
– Glean insights into current productivity levels
– Improve operational efficiency and expand ROI


Oct 17 2020
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