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Intelligent technology and services for Smarter Stadiums

ENHANCE the Fan Experience

INCREASE Stadium Revenue



  • Empower marketers, merchandisers, sales and service leaders to coordinate interactions to create ongoing fan dialogs across channels.
  • Know each fan in context
  • Deliver personally relevant, meaningful and rewarding experiences for your fans
  • Maximize sales, profit and fan loyalty
  • Measure performance and predict outcomes to prioritize resources for the fans and events that matter most to your stadium

infrastructure Of things

  • Transform raw data into actionable insights, including data from surveillance cameras, infrastructure sensors, historical databases, concession systems, team stores, ticketing systems, and existing applications
  • Anticipate problems and minimize the impact of disruptions
  • Coordinate resources to respond to issues rapidly and effectively

The solution streams data in real-time from systems like concession booths, turnstile ticket scans at gates, weather feeds, social media sources, score boards, surveillance cameras, etc.

The stadium’s command center integrates all data sources into a control room, where the operations dashboard shows real-time summaries of weather, turnstile traffic, social media sentiment, the status of public safety activities, crowd control, networking performance, etc.

The stadium’s facilities and operations directors use the real-time data and patterns to make smart tactical decisions to optimize the stadium’s operations and traffic flow.

Thanks to improved efficiency, intelligent data analytics, safe and secure facilities, along with the ability to understand and connect with audience members via mobile phone, Smarter Stadiums can make everyone at the game feel like a winner.