Flagship Patch Management with IBM BigFix


Continuous patch management and enforcement across endpoints
IBM BigFix Patch provides an automated, simplified patching process that is administered from a single console. It provides near real-time visibility and enforcement to deploy and manage patches to all distributed endpoints.

Customers have achieved more than 95 percent first-pass patch success rates-up from the conventional 60-75 percent rate. The solution not only increases the effectiveness of the patch process, but it cuts operational costs and reduces staff workloads by as much as 20-1.

IBM BigFix Patch:

  • Automatically manages patches to hundreds of thousands of endpoints for multiple operating systems and applications – regardless of location, connection type or status.
  • Applies only the correct patches to the correct endpoint.
  • Gives you greater visibility into patch compliance with flexible, real-time monitoring and reporting.
  • Provides near real-time visibility and control from a single management console.
  • Proactively reduces security risk by streamlining remediation cycles from weeks to hours.

What can BigFix do?

Discovers IP devices (routers, switches, printers, computers, etc.)

Hundreds of device properties

OS (Win, Unix, Linux, Mac) & third party (Adobe, Mozilla, etc.) patches

Basic and advanced software recognition

Who is using what, when, & how often?

Are we over or under licensed?

Installs & configures new software

Measures power usage, saves $, wakes up machines, shuts down machines


Assess against OVAL-based vulnerability definitions

Is AV installed, up to date, and running?

Agent-based network access control

BigFix Functionality:

Bare metal and migration (Tivoli Product)

Agent-based network access control

Extensible capabilities:

Set reg keys, create, modify files, etc.

Ask any question of your endpoints and get an answer back in minutes.



IBM Security: QRadar Intelligence and Ops

IBM's integrated solutions harness security-relevant information from across your organization, and use analytics and automation to provide context and help you detect threats faster, identify vulnerabilities, prioritize risks, perform forensics analysis and automate compliance activities. 

  • IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Solutions Grow As Your Needs Grow

  • Organizations today need integrated security intelligence solutions that can grow as their business grows, both in terms of size and capabilities. The IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform meets these requirements by providing an integrated security solution that is highly scalable, and can expand it’s capabilities to meet increasingly hostile security challenges. This short video describes how IBM Security QRadar delivers scalability, visibility, vulnerability management, risk management, and performs forensics analysis to help you quickly and efficiently detect and respond to security threats. To learn more, please visit http://ibm.co/1HNzm2n

  • How IBM Helps Secure the Cloud

  • IBM Security helps customers secure public, private and hybrid clouds. With IBM Security customers can manage user access to cloud applications and protect the data that lives in the cloud. Customers can use IBM Security products like QRadar to gain full visibility into security threats facing their organization.For more information, please visit http://ibm.co/1zlRM6Y

  • Benefits of Security Intelligence on Cloud

  • Watch this short video and listen to Vijay Dheap, IBM Global Product Manager for Security, describe the benefits of Security Intelligence on Cloud, a new offering from IBM. These include lowering costs, increasing efficiency, shifting from a CapEx to an OpEx model, and improving compliance and reporting. Vijay also touches on the advantages of incident forensics and the rapid analysis of security offenses. For more information, please visit http://ibm.co/1zlRM6Y

  • KocSistem Replaces Their SIEM & Deploys QRadar For Log Management & Regulatory Compliance

  • Many organizations are challenged with meeting regulatory compliance mandates. Watch this video and learn how KoҫSistem, one of the largest IT services companies in Turkey, is complying with regulations using IBM Security QRadar. You will hear about how they removed a SIEM from another company and installed QRadar, and lowered costs, improved performance, and benefited from greater ease of use.For more information on QRadar, please visit: http://ibm.co/1DFd42q

  • The Next Era for Security – IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform

  • “IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform provides real-time transparency to see better into your organization than ever before,” says Steve Robinson, Vice President, IBM Security Division. Implementing the security information and event management (SIEM) dashboard, the IBM QRadar platform brings security operations teams full visibility through a single window. It also automates the tedious task of vulnerability management. Security teams can spend less time on manual tasks and more time on network security assessments. This means, according to Robinson, “QRadar will probably pay for itself right out of the gate.”For more information on Security Intelligence go to: http://ibm.com/software/products/us/en/subcategory/SWI60For more information on IBM Security: http://ibm.co/ibmsecurity

  • IBM Security Intelligence for the Cloud with QRadar

  • IBM QRadar Security Intelligence helps you monitor the cloud for security breaches and compliance violations using advanced security analytics. Using a flexible deployment architecture and connectors to popular cloud services, IBM QRadar Security Intelligence provides deep visibility of threats across both on-premise IT and hybrid cloud deployments.To learn more, please visit http://ibm.co/1DwamZk

  • How to Investigate Security Incidents Quickly and Easily

  • What’s behind a cyber attack? Gaining insight and clarity into the what, when and how of an enterprise security incident: IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics helps you win the race against time when a security breach occurs by allowing you to rapidly and easily perform in-depth security incident investigations. It provides visibility and clarity to potentially malicious activity by thoroughly analyzing packets captured from your network, and in most cases can help resolve security incidents in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. It is integrated with IBM Security QRadar solutions, allowing the same person who has visibility to logs and network flows to conduct searches and learn more about an incident. With QRadar Incident Forensics, security staffs can analyze many types of data, understand their relationships, re-trace the steps of an attacker, remediate damage, and reduce the chances of a recurrence. Learn more about QRadar Incident Forensics: http://ibm.co/QrSCg3

  • IBM Security QRadar and iSecure Work Together to Improve Customer Security

  • This short video describes the benefits that customers receive from the IBM Security QRadar and iSecure partnership. iSecure wraps their services around IBM’s QRadar products and helps clients address their security gaps. iSecure chose IBM because of the visibility QRadar provides to security exposures, and IBM’s continued investment in new capabilities such as vulnerability management, risk management, and incident forensics. iSecure also endorses IBM ability to provide a solution that combines multiple point products into a single, consolidated security solution.Learn more about IBM Security: http://ibm.co/ibmsecurity

  • Local Government Secures Their Data With QRadar

  • Securing people and funds is a challenge for the public sector. With these limited resources, IT departments must choose a security tool set that will be easy to implement as well as easy to manage. In this video, a local government explains why they chose IBM Security’s QRadar and how it has been a true asset to their work process.To learn more about QRadar, please visit http://ibm.co/1HNzm2n

  • Quickly Investigate & Resolve Security Events with QRadar Incident Forensics

  • When you make intelligent analytics part of your IT security strategy, you gain access to the tools to quickly identify and stop network security breaches, before real damage is done. IBM QRadar Incident Forensics helps security professionals reduce time spent on manual searches to identify a true threat, quickly analyze and stop the attack, and reconstruct the incident to gain the knowledge to prevent a similar attack in the future. To learn more, visit http://ibm.co/15NUhEI