Providing Smarter Everything


Flagship follows a comprehensive approach to first evaluate your organization’s IT infrastructure including hardware, software, storage, networking and cloud, particularly how the health of those infrastructures relate to your business efficiency and expenditures.

We’ll provide you with a roadmap containing detailed findings and recommendations for improvements that will maximum results. We can then provide skilled resources to help you make your vision a reality.

Flagship also provides ongoing support at various levels including IT Monitoring, Service Desk, Hosted Servers, Server Management and Mirrored remote site to help simplify the ongoing management of the solution.

Solution Specialties:

  • Server Consolidation / Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Hosting / Managed Services
  • Application Selection
  • Storage — IT Optimization
  • System Performance
  • HW / SW Modernization
  • HW/SW Maintenance
  • Business Resiliency
  • IT Security
  • Energy Efficiency