Our Solutions:Smarter Stadium

IBM Intelligent Operations Center is a new solution designed to help cities of all sizes gain a holistic view of information across city departments and agencies. By infusing analytical insights into municipal operations through one central point of command, cities will be able to better anticipate problems, respond to crises, and manage resources.

Like cities, stadiums face an increasing number of operational issues that affect the quality of services delivered to fans. To ensure a safe, comfortable environment and provide the quality of service that fans expect, stadiums must access an ever-increasing amount of information, facilitate real-time communication and collaborate with external agencies to address potential problems before they occur. A smarter stadium must be able to make the most of available information to make better decisions and anticipate problems to resolve them.

The Smarter Stadium Solution offers integrated data visualization, real-time collaboration and deep analytics to help stadium officials prepare for all potential problems, optimize traffic flow and service delivery, expedite quick decision making, all to enhance the fan experience.  It provides a single, consolidated view across all stadium services and operations.

The solution transforms raw data collected across stadium data feeds, such as surveillance cameras, infrastructure sensors, historical databases, concession systems, team stores, ticketing systems, and existing applications, into actionable insights. Executives and managers can adjust resource allocation or modify programs as results trend up or down.

The Smarter Stadium Solution coordinates:

  • Incident Management, Surveillance and Security
  • Public Safety
  • Concession and Point of Sale Optimization
  • Stadium Facilities and Asset Management
  • Crowd Flow Optimization
  • Transportation and Parking
  • Media Distribution and Communications

With the Smarter Stadium approach, stadiums will achieve a fast return on their investment, reduce risk and gain the flexibility to extend their solutions to address future needs. The solution helps stadiums integrate the most repeatable best practice patterns to allow stadium executives and operations personnel to anticipate and model problems, coordinate resources and facilitate collaboration across all service areas and departments.

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