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The challenge today is to secure your company’s IT assets and maintain regulatory compliance in an environment of ever-increasing, ever-changing threats. As the threat level grows, so do the consequences of inadequate protection. Your valuable information is at stake—customer data, intellectual capital, and financial information that must be protected from intruders. Flagship partners with leading Security Companies to provide total security protection for your IT network.


The development, deployment, and operation of the IT infrastructure has historically been highly segregated activities, optimized for very specific technology silos and their unique functional requirements. Flagship and IBM unites software and services in a new way – with the goal of reducing the cost of IT and improving end-to-end business performance by connecting silo-specific management tools, people and processes more seamlessly than ever before.

IBM MIDS/IPS solutions deliver 24×7 expertly monitored and managed intrusion detection and prevention systems that help keep your networks and critical applications protected, helping to enable you to save money and reduce your overall security risk.

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Flagship and IBM Security Services offers comprehensive risk management solutions that protect against threats while reducing the costs and complexity of security. We offer a broad array of products and services built on vulnerability-based research and multilayered security techniques designed to protect your entire IT infrastructure, from the network gateway to the desktop.

The Flagship ISS solution includes three main components:

  • SCADA assessment services
  • Intrusion prevention systems
  • Managed security systems

Our expertise, tools and methodology combine to deliver security expertise, staff cost savings, leverage specialized skills and tools, and deliver world class security intelligence. Click here to learn more.

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