Consulting Services

Flagship your trusted advisor.

Flagship can act as your trusted advisor as your business grows and the demands on the IT department continue to increase. Our consultants address a wide spectrum of issues — reliability of aging infrastructure, growth and capacity, and the need to prioritize investments to optimize limited resources.

To start, we’ll review the critical technology areas, develop a customized capabilities framework, gather input from stakeholders on the current and desired capabilities, evaluate against accepted best practices, and provide you with a roadmap containing detailed findings and recommendations for improvement of your network infrastructure.

Our highly educated, certified consultants are experienced in the following areas:

  • Hardware, software and cloud
  • Infrastructure analytics – InfralyticsTM
  • Data center strategic planning
  • Hybrid cloud implementations
  • Managed services

Assessments that focus on:

  • Server consolidation / virtualization
  • Infrastructure-focused integration
  • Storage / IT optimization
  • Energy efficiency
  • System performance
  • Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • HW/SW maintenance
  • Business process
  • Business resiliency

Other Flagship Services