Smarter Stadiums

Intelligent technology and services for:

  • Concession and point of sale optimization
  • Crowd flow optimization
  • Incident management, surveillance and security
  • Social media analytics and visualization
  • Network connectivity/Wi-Fi
  • Public safety
  • Stadium facilities and asset management
  • Transportation and parking

Flagship is on your team, helping you to enhance the fan experience, increase stadium revenue and strengthen the team and/or stadium brand. A smarter approach to stadium management can help staff make better decisions, coordinate resources, and anticipate problems and resolve them proactively.

Flagship’s Smarter Stadiums solution includes the following technology innovations:

  • Flagship’s InfralyticsTM
    Understand the vitality of your entire computing infrastructure
  • IBM Intelligent Operations Center – Coordinate the entire range of stadium operations
  • IBM Intelligent Video Analytics – Continuously survey people, vehicles and objects
  • Social Media Engagement Center – Smarter social listening, large eye-catching displays, deeper insights, automation and actionable social engagement
  • End-to-End Fan Experience and Marketing Automation – Understand not only what fans are doing, but why and then anticipate their needs
  • Fiber-optical Networks – Enable secure transport of massive amounts of data between your data centers and end points