Business Continuity

We provide a full-breadth of business continuity services to help ensure clients are truly protected, including self-managed, fully managed, outsourced, and hybrid delivery whether within a customer premise or in the cloud.  Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) portfolio offers innovative, proven cloud-enabled disaster recovery as-a-service solutions combining hardware, software and services to replicate your data from their primary site to a resiliency data center.


  • Reduce downtime in the event of a disruption by connecting your data protection infrastructure to resiliency assets
  • Offer faster, more agile and convenient recovery methods, with improved recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) and a higher return over traditional business continuity and disaster recovery solutions
  • Support a better return on investment and consistent service experience across multiple platforms and locations for different types of workloads
  • Help reduce the risk of downtime by enabling improved reliability and predictable performance with automation via a portal interface
  • Provide convenient recovery options that are easier to use and are available around the clock on the portal
  • Leverage IBM’s data insights and IBM Watson™ cognitive solutions to provide business value

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Business Resiliency

Business resiliency is is unsung hero of an organization. In the absence of robust business continuity management (BCM) and communications, disruptions can expose your organization to considerable risk. While many organizations have deployed BCM plans, they can often be ineffective and too rudimentary to keep disasters away.With the IBM Disaster Recovery as a Service offering, your organization can implement an integrated BCM strategy that leverages advanced technologies and a robust testing program and learn to master disaster recovery.  

Infographic: Disaster Recovery’s Treacherous Terrain

Business resiliency professionals face a host of steep obstacles to meeting always-on expectations.

Infographic Resiliency

Report: The Need To Bring A Paradigm Shift In Business Resiliency

To address today’s business requirements for 24x7 continuous availability, organizations are looking for innovative resiliency solutions to manage disaster recovery across complex, hybrid cloud business environments.  Read this Forbes Insights report to find out how cloud-enabled Resiliency as a Service can result in faster, more cost-effective recovery, and explore how IBM is delivering Resiliency as a Service through an agile Software Defined Resiliency framework to meet the heightened demands for resiliency in a hybrid world.  

Video: Protect Your Business with Virtualized Server Recovery Portal

Take a quick tour of and learn how IBM Cloud Virtualized Server Recovery works. Server downtime might only last a few hours, but its impact can be high in terms of lost business and damage to your reputation. To maximize the availability of the systems used to run your business, IBM Cloud Virtualized Server Recovery protects your critical servers in real-time. This enables rapid recovery of your applications at an IBM Resiliency Center, keeping your business operational during periods of maintenance or unexpected downtime.

Report Masters Of Disaster Recovery

To gain insight into today’s most effective business resiliency strategies, the IBM Center for Applied Insights surveyed 310 disaster recovery and business continuity professionals in the United States and Canada. Review their findings in this research report.