Smarter Stadiums Webinar

Mar 21, 2013
2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Smarter Stadiums Webinar
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Wanted: Stadiums that are home to a community of Fanatical Fans…forever!

As a stadium executive you probably know this already, but just about all pro sports teams struggle to one degree or another with declining attendance, and the fans you have today might not be there next year, or three years from now.

How are you going to compete with a couch and a 60” HD Widescreen TV?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to turn your sports stadium into an interactive FUN community just for your fans…regardless of the game or event you were holding? How about a real-time or near real-time view of what was happening around and within the stadium? How about being able to connect and interact with your fans throughout the game and even guide them to their seats or the nearest concessions?

Well, one of our stadium clients is projecting a 90% improvement in operations, right now. They will be able to interact with their fans and provide the Fan Experience that will build their fan base, with a vision that will keep them coming back for years to come.

Picture yourself one year, three years, or five years from now surrounded by a large, connected, engaged fan base who become the best PR program you could possibly ask for.

The key to this is IBM’s Smarter Stadium software, implemented and managed by Flagship.

Attend our webinar and learn how Flagship and IBM can help you move into the future…now:
- Learn why tying all stadium operational functions into one pane of glass greatly improves operational efficiencies by enabling total control, instant decision making, and reduced costs.
- Hear how Fan Experience can be a part of any stadium community by using smart phone apps to communicate two-way, current, relevant information.
- Connect your and fan responses to the stadium screens for more instant connection.
- Touch fans and allow them to express their sentiment with instant responses via Twitter, Facebook, etc., for feedback, alerts, surveys, etc.
- Discover how to build Loyalty Programs with real data aimed at individuals, not the masses.
- Learn how you can provide Intelligent and Instant Responses using pre-defined Standard Operating Procedures that increase safety and security.

Get the full story from Flagship Solutions Group and IBM experts at our Smarter Stadium Webinar. Your fans will love you for it!
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