Serving the Public Sector

Technology solutions for healthcare, education, government and utility organiations


Flagship Solutions Group provides proven strategies and technology solutions for successful public governance.

By leveraging new business models, innovative capabilities and the wealth of data available, public institutions can create a robust and efficient infrastructure, ensure safety and security, support the needs of individuals, facilitate sustainable economic growth, and build stronger communities.

Common Challenges

The public industry realizes investments in cybersecurity solutions are vital to detecting, combating and preventing sophisticated threats. IT security is a high priority for these organizations as they deal with highly-sensitive, private and vital information, which could potentially lead to physical threats and even terrorism.

IT can contribute to safer communities by giving law enforcement, healthcare, emergency management, city and state personnel the real-time intelligence to respond swiftly to emergencies, prevent crime and manage operations.

Public IT organizations are constantly juggling changing budgets, shifting political winds and real-world priorities.

As the public becomes more tech-savvy, government IT organizations need to meet their demands for faster, easier and more mobile access to services.

Aging and siloed IT networks make it nearly impossible to efficiently serve the public across multiple channels. Complex infrastructure environments impact performance, resulting in increased application availability and data accessibility issues.

As budgets tighten, public IT organizations will need to consider newer technologies—such as mobility and cloud computing—to better control costs.

New and growing data sources and formats cannot be quickly and sufficiently analyzed without impacting performance.

Featured Solutions

Big Data

Complex societal, economic, political and environmental pressures are placing intense demands on public sector organizations to make smarter decisions, deliver results and demonstrate accountability. Analytics competency is the next managerial innovation in the public sector. Insights derived from multiple data sources lead to progress and innovation.

Data Center Optimization

Make the most of your current investments. Simplify operations, accelerate application delivery and reduce costs, while speeding service delivery and creating efficiency for public offices and healthcare organizations.

Disaster Recovery

Protect your data and minimize downtime in the event of an emergency. Quickly restore critical IT services and minimize disruptions to operations with more efficient, dependable, cost-effective and centrally managed backup, archive and disaster recovery solutions mapped directly to your service level goals.


Enable productivity and efficiency while protecting confidential data. Develop organization-wide policies and integrate mobile/BYOD technologies, so that employees can use their mobile devices to securely access corporate systems no matter where they are.


Consolidate physical servers into virtualized resource pools that reduce server sprawl while greatly simplifying maintenance and management, better leverage existing investments while lowering operating costs, and provide redundancy of store applications and data for uninterrupted network availability and productive employees.



Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing can turn complex administrative processes into simplified services. Cloud solutions can significantly reduce IT costs while improving workload optimization and service delivery and can even provide better security than traditional computing methods.


We can help government and healthcare agencies to proactively protect their critical applications, data and processes from external and internal threats throughout their entire life cycle. By taking a comprehensive and integrated approach to application vulnerability management, we can measurably improve operational security, mitigate risks, and reduce costs.