Serving the Finance Industry

Technology solutions for banks, credit unions, insurance and investment firms

Flagship Solutions Group is dedicated to providing comprehensive data center solutions that help banks, credit unions and Investment firms remain competitive, in compliance and profitable for the long-term.

We understand that the financial marketplace is under a combination of pressures, including new regulatory requirements, industry consolidation and increased competition.

Common Challenges

Aging and siloed IT networks make it nearly impossible to efficiently serve customers across multiple channels.

Legacy infrastructures put financial services firms at risk for costly business disruptions that negatively impact the customer experience, sales and reputation.

Aging infrastructures often keep newer, more efficient technologies—such as mobility and cloud computing—from being adequately implemented.

New and growing data sources and formats cannot be quickly and sufficiently analyzed without impacting performance.

Managing and maintaining a large and complex infrastructure keeps IT teams from innovation that can better serve business objectives.

Featured Solutions

Big Data

Online banking, location data, social media and sensor-enabled devices are adding new data to already massive and growing data volumes. Big Data Solutions help financial institutions mine this data for new opportunities, uncover risk and hone in on their competitive edge.

Converged Infrastructure

Unite server, storage and compute resources into a flexible, consolidated platform that gives your financial services customer added flexibility to meet customer demands and paves the way for faster compliance.

Data Center Optimization

Simplify operations, accelerate application delivery and reduce costs, while speeding service delivery and creating long-term customer satisfaction.

Disaster Recovery

Quickly restore critical IT services and minimize disruptions to financial operations with more efficient, cost-effective and centrally managed backup, archive and disaster recovery solutions mapped directly to your service level goals.


Develop enterprise-wide policies and integrate mobile/BYOD technologies, so that employees can use their mobile devices to securely access corporate systems no matter where they are.


Consolidate physical servers into virtualized resource pools that reduce server sprawl while greatly simplifying maintenance and management, better leverage existing investments while lowering operating costs, and provide redundancy of store applications and data for uninterrupted sales and an improved customer experience.



Cloud Computing

Cloud technology offers a new model for delivering innovative client experiences, effective collaboration, improved speed to market and increased IT efficiency.


As you modernize products and services, you must manage financial, reputational and legal/regulatory risks all while providing the airtight security and digital privacy that customers expect.