Serving the Communications Industry

Technology solutions for computer, telcom, media and travel businesses

Flagship Solutions Group can transform your business to become a lean, agile, competitive force in the marketplace. Maximize your network and computing infrastructures to deliver an engaging, consistent, reliable, high-quality customer experience.

The world is more interconnected than ever. Offering customer value quickly and earning their loyalty is key to success in the communications industry. We are here to address your critical business needs and to help you achieve results that set you apart from your competitors.

Common Challenges

Complex networks can be expensive and time consuming to manage and maintain. There is little flexibility making it difficult to expand offerings and services.

Legacy infrastructures put communications businesses at risk for service disruptions that negatively impact the customer experience, customer commitment and brand reputation.

Aging infrastructures often keep newer, more efficient technologies—such as mobility and cloud computing—from being adequately implemented.

The “gold mine” that is the constant flood of structured and unstructured data coming from the Internet of Things (IoT), the growing number of data sources and the various formats cannot be quickly and sufficiently analyzed with the limited resources available in-house.

Managing and maintaining a large and complex infrastructure keeps IT teams from innovation that can better serve business objectives and proactively meet customer demands.

Featured Solutions

Big Data

Deeply understand your customers, their behaviors and their needs. Engage and retain audiences by delivering relevant, timely, intelligent communications.

Data Center Optimization

Simplify operations, accelerate application delivery and reduce costs, while speeding service delivery and creating long-term customer satisfaction.

Disaster Recovery

Quickly restore critical IT services and minimize disruptions to communication networks with more efficient, cost-effective and centrally managed backup, archive and disaster recovery solutions mapped directly to your service level goals.


Create mobile experiences that deepen customer relationships, monetise engagements, and merge the physical with the digital to help your mobile enterprise grow. Take your apps from good to great with a modular mobile application platform.


Consolidate physical servers into virtualized resource pools that reduce server sprawl while greatly simplifying maintenance and management, better leverage existing investments while lowering operating costs, and provide redundancy of applications and data for uninterrupted service and an improved customer experience.



Cloud Computing

Cloud can help create new businesses, deliver innovative client experiences, redefine customer relationships, transform and optimize operations, and expand business agility and capability.


As security threats have grown more sophisticated, invasive and collaborative, communications organizations need to optimize their security strategies to detect, address and prevent advanced threats. We can help you protect critical assets and data, while enabling you to deliver the airtight security and digital privacy your customers expect..