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It’s now a well established fact. Companies that gain insight from data dramatically outperform those that don’t. And the key to managing the explosive growth in data often lies in storage.

FlashSystem V9000 delivers industry-leading value to enterprises along three dimensions: Scalable Performance, Enduring Economics, and Agile Integration

The new IBM FlashSystem V9000 crashes through barriers that have long kept businesses from basing their enterprise storage infrastructure on all-flash arrays. Yet according to IBM’s Michael Kuhn, that’s only the start of what makes IBM’s latest and most comprehensive enterprise performance solution such a game-changing addition to the storage landscape. In this executive Q&A, Kuhn discusses the sophisticated capabilities that separate FlashSystem V9000 from earlier flash-based storage solutions, and what they mean for businesses that wish to capitalize on today’s most important technology trends.

Q: What makes FlashSystem V9000 different and more powerful than earlier generations of flash-based IBM enterprise performance solutions?

A: We’re continuously evolving the IBM FlashCore™ technology at the heart of all our FlashSystem offerings as well as the virtualization and storage services in our enterprise performance solutions, and constantly enhancing the integration between those components. So while all of the hardware and software in FlashSystem V9000 is better on its own, they’re better than ever collectively too.

Q: What, from IBM’s perspective, makes the new features in FlashSystem V9000 such a breakthrough for flash storage solutions?

A: Actually, FlashSystem V9000 represents a gamechanging breakthrough for the entire enterprise data center, not just flash storage. It’s a comprehensive, easily managed enterprise virtual storage solution for all of your active data sets that takes up a mere 6U of rack space. Just as importantly, it virtualizes and embraces all of your legacy storage systems, no matter who made them, which means your entire compute environment can benefit from FlashSystem V9000’s leading-edge data management, data protection, and system acceleration technologies. Add it all up, and maybe “breakthrough” isn’t a strong enough word!

Q: What does all of that end up meaning for CIOs?

A: It means that you can finally move on from disk cost-effectively. You can stop writing applications and architecting compute environments to mitigate the shortcomings of traditional storage. You can truly tackle the problem of endlessly rising power consumption. You can fully exploit the potential of cloud computing and big data, or implement virtual desktops without your storage infrastructure getting in the way. In fact, at the end of the day, that’s really FlashSystem V9000’s biggest benefit: Its performance, reliability, and efficiency turn storage from a limiting factor into a real driver of innovation within your business.

Q: What are some specific examples of realworld solutions or scenarios that could benefit from FlashSystem V9000?

A: There are just so many. Cancer treatment today is rapidly moving toward customized therapies based on individual genome sequencing. Utilities are deploying smart meter technologies on smart grids. Websites and mobile apps are processing rapidly climbing volumes of retail transactions. Financial institutions are using powerful analytics solutions to detect and prevent credit fraud. All of those things require extremely high-performance storage. In fact, no enterprise that’s serious about cloud computing, pervasive real-time analytics, and mobile and social engagement can afford to be without the scalable performance, agile integration, and enduring economic advantages of IBM FlashSystem V9000 storage.

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FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram recently posted an article featuring Flagship Solutions Group. This article offers a brief company overview and highlights Infralytics, Flagship’s newest offering that is breaking ground in the marketplace.

Infralytics is a unique services capability designed to provide businesses the ability to understand their internal infrastructure resource utilization, performance, and capacity, in relation to the needs of the business, in real-time.

Infralytics from Flagship helps businesses:
• Understand the big picture
• Plan for the future
• Avoid costly mistakes
• Maximize revenue
• Optimize your IT infrastructure management reach

Click here to read the Forbes article.

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SaaS-based analytics & visualization platform runs entirely on IBM Cloud

MutualMind, Inc., an award-winning social media intelligence and visualization developer and an IBM Business Partner announced its strategic partnership with Flagship Solutions Group, a Beacon Award-winning IBM Premier Business Partner to supply, integrate and support MutualMind’s SaaS-based Social Engagement Center running entirely on the IBM Cloud.

Flagship is offering the Engagement Center for use by professional sports teams and other organizations to collect, analyze and display real-time content from all major social media channels, millions of blogs and other news sources. Full-fidelity, high-definition visualizations are also supported across an array of multiple display systems including large plasma and LED screens up to stadium-sized Jumbotrons.

“Flagship has become synonymous with Smarter Stadium’s across the country including the Miami Dolphins and now the new Atlanta Falcons stadium. ‘Smarter Stadium’ refers to their deep integration of tools, techniques and technologies to help improve the overall fan experience”, explained Mark Wyllie-CEO of Flagship Solutions Group. “We’re excited about adding this new social dimension with the Engagement Center powered by MutualMind and IBM Cloud.” Flagship is bundling the Engagement Center software along with site set-up, consulting and hardware and network integration services.  Engagement Center is provided as a SaaS-based subscription running on IBM SoftLayer.

“This is a great example of how IBM Cloud technology and our developer ecosystems are fostering innovation resulting in a solution between two IBM Business Partners, Flagship Solutions Group and MutualMind, that will allow for new revenue streams,” said Sandy Carter, General Manager, Ecosystem Development and Social Business Evangelist, IBM.  “IBM is creating marketplace collaboration to attract new sports fans and expand social analytics to help gain actionable insights.”

In addition to large Engagement Center displays for stadiums and other venues, marketing personnel and social media analysts use the integrated web-based dashboard application for social data analytics, customer preferences and personality insights, reporting and customer service.  An integrated workflow management system also tracks social conversations and enables collaboration and engagement.

Eric Gore, President of MutualMind said, “Flagship is known as a technology innovator and a Beacon Award-winning IBM solutions provider and we’re pleased to work with them. The Engagement Center, running entirely on the IBM Cloud, will enable sports teams to drive deeper levels of social analytics and fan experiences than ever before.”

About MutualMind

MutualMind is a SaaS-based social intelligence platform enabling customers to understand, visualize, and act on social data. The entire platform runs on IBM SoftLayer. Customers include IBM, American Airlines, Cinemark and Mary Kay. Dallas, Texas-based MutualMind, Inc. works through OEM, Reseller and Service Provider Channel partners and is an IBM Business Partner.

About Flagship Solutions Group

Flagship Solutions Group provides IBM solutions, managed services and cloud solutions worldwide. These include data center strategic planning and hybrid cloud implementations based on a wide range of assessments that look at virtualization, server consolidation, security, and infrastructure-focused integration. Flagship’s managed services include cloud-based server monitoring and management, 24×7 helpdesk support, and data center infrastructure management.